Friday, March 20, 2009

We thought you should know.....

Over the last month or so, God has really used several things to encourage me & affirm over & over my calling to the ministry. At our church's ladies retreat I was able to share a little bit about my life & it was very important to me that I shared how I felt called to ministry and that I would marry someone in the ministry well before I ever met Inman. (I remember the intersection that I turned to Laura & told her & she said "like a pastor's wife?!") 
This is very helpful on long days or weeks that I know I was just as called to ministry as Inman. I realize everyone's profession brings different challenges but something I learned in our seminary days was to get a few women I could lean on. When it was just us, we could share our concerns, our frustrations, pray for one another & usually go away encouraged...most likely having laughed and cried:)
One of these times was this past weekend I got to go to the Beth Moore minister wives' conference....SO GOOD! I had a great time with both Heather Platt & Heather Whittaker. Once again, God refreshed me & affirmed the calling on our family. 
Beth Moore and her praise team really spent a lot of time preparing for this weekend & it showed. It was prayed over & specifically targeted wives of pastors & ministers. She really let her hair down too! One of the things she did to prepare was asked her blog community (ministers wives to answer only) if minister's wives were asked "We thought you should know...." What would they share with her?
Visit (post from 3/18 I believe) to see the video clips we saw over the weekend. We laughed & cried but maybe we have a warped sense of humor & will cry anytime anyone else is crying:)

I will be posting those other pics I promised of our last couple of weeks but for now I need to clean my house for a new member open house tomorrow, watching these clips again gave me inspiration though!

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