Sunday, March 15, 2009

For now

I have a lot to post, lots to catch up on. I still have Jacob's birthday friend b-day party & other fun pictures from last week. We are celebrating another tooth for Logan. I will get to that but for tonight, I will ask in the days ahead that you will pray for a sweet couple. Please continue to pray for Cabell & Sweeney. The news these last couple of days is not what we would hope for but we do worship One who is full of HOPE. They have spent the last several years investing in kids to share that HOPE & we will continue to pray and hope for healing for Sweeney. 

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The Wise Family said...

Oh April! I had not checked their site in a while and am saddened by this news. We are certainly praying for Mike and Cabell. I did YL with Mike and Cabell at UGA and Marc went to Tucker with Mike.