Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Logan's b-day recap

I am finally posting Logan's 2nd birthday!
I always do something for the "real" birthday if we aren't having a party that day so we had cupcakes. We were so thankful he was feeling better. He had a fever and had to miss the last couple of days of VBS so we were so glad he woke up June 11th fever free & the little busy body that he is:)

Some may look at the picture below and think Logan has a mad face at his brother blowing out his candle. No, he is studying Jacob. He couldn't quite get it blown out so he is watching Jacob's every move. He wants to do everything he does!

We had a farm animal theme with animal cupcakes and a farm cake the next day.

Logan loved the attention but played a little shy.

He gets another try at getting these candles blown out.

Brother loved the cupcakes too!

Logan was not that into opening presents but this was the one time he sat down. He got a new chair similar to his big brother's. He is constantly trying to sit in his brother's chair!

And he loved getting his own umbrella, yes....like his brother's.

We are thankful for this guy & a great 2 years!