Saturday, June 28, 2008

Just a couple of pics....

So I don't completely get a bad rap, here's a couple of pics. I can't wait to play with our new camera a little. 
Jacob is loving his brother. He constantly wants to kiss him, check on him, help with diapers. And he is quite a helper:)
Grandmomma and Granddaddy came to see Logan. Logan is named for the town they grew up in and where my mom was born. His middle name, Marshall, was my granddaddy's mother's maiden name. It is also the middle name of Granddaddy, my uncle and cousin.

Logan goes on his first stroll.
Hopefully next week will bring a little bit of return to "normal." I hope to get some pics taken for Logan's birth announcement and get those posted.

Friday, June 27, 2008

excuses, excuses....

My excuses for not posting could be....I have a new baby.....we have had a little computer glitch at our house, which had my husband spend most of his off day backing up my computer and most importantly, our pictures......we got a new camera and I wanted to wait and get some new pics and post those....I had to have unexpected surgery on Monday and have been starting my recovery over again......did I say I have a new baby and he really likes to be held?!

My goal is to post new pictures tonight. Part of my computer issues have been that we are putting all of the new pics on Inman's computer and when I sit down in the afternoon and eat bon bons and scan the internet and blog, his computer is at work:)

It is hard to believe Logan is already 2 weeks old. Jacob is loving his role as big brother. He is definitely testing his limits and who is in charge since there have been more adults around but all in all, he is doing well. He has not once told me to "put the baby down" or acted jealous of Logan. Well, actually this am he told me Logan was done eating and he was ready for his breakfast! That was the first time and I would say for 2 weeks, that is not too bad!
Hoping to meet my goal and post tonight!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Father's Day and update

Needless to say, our father's day was very laid back. I think Inman was happy with his latest gift and that was enough!
Jacob and Daddy enjoyed some time outside together and having a free Sunday evening.

Jacob is adjusting well. He says several times a day, "I am so happy my brother is here." He has had a lot of extra attention. My mom has been coming up during the day to occupy him. He has received a lot of big brother presents and spent the day playing with his cousin, Nathan yesterday. Of course, he is 3 and sometimes is shows but all in all he has done well. I thought we would have a little time to adjust before we had to fight germs but Jacob has a stuffy nose and we are bathing in purell!

Inman and I are both very thankful for great dads. They have both been wonderful examples on how to be a good daddy.
Being a father of 2 came just in time for us to celebrate in a special way this year. Inman is such a good daddy and I am grateful to be married to someone that being a daddy comes so naturally!

I will try to do better on the updates....I had big plans to update and it has been a week since Logan was born! He is doing great. He had his first check up and is gaining weight. (did he look like he would miss many meals?) His favorite place is being held but hey, who needs clean clothes and a shower?:)

Friday, June 13, 2008

Almost Time to Go Home

Logan did not like the car seat too much, as you can see. The pediatrician should be by in a few minutes. Jacob is ready to have his little brother at home. 

Last night went pretty well. I went home to spend the night with Jacob. April's sister, Stephanie, came to the hospital and stayed with April and Logan. 

Thursday, June 12, 2008

More Pictures

Here is a cute picture of all the boys. 

Send me an email ( if you want to receive an invitation to view our album on snapfish.

Logan Is Here!

April's induction was scheduled for 9:30am yesterday. We called the hospital at 8:30am, and they told us that they were too busy. We were finally able to come in around 2pm. They started April on pitocin at 3pm. The doctor broke her water at 4:30pm. At 6pm April decided that she was ready for an epidural. Almost immediately after the epidural was administered, April's pain increased (for those of you playing at home, that is not the intended effect). The doctor checked her, and she was at 5 cm. Over the next hour her pain only increased. The anesthesiologist administered another round of meds. No impact. April's doctor came back in around 7pm, and he decided to check her. He announced that the baby was ready to come "now." There was no panic, but the staff did move quickly. April pushed for about 15 minutes (remember the epidural has not kicked in). At 7:23pm, Logan Marshall Houston was born.

We could tell that he was huge as he was coming out. The nurse put him on the scale, and he weighed 9 lbs, 9 oz. Let me remind you that April's epidural had not taken yet. I always knew that my wife was tough, but now I know that she could kick my butt. No more talking back for me!

Logan is 21", and his head is 14". BIG! He was just circumcised, and he is doing well. Later today I will post a link to Snapfish with several pictures. For now enjoy these.

April and Logan are doing well. Jacob came up last night and looked at Logan through the window. In a few minutes, I will go get him so that we can bring his Mom some flowers.

Thanks for your prayers!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

June 11th

June 11th. I never thought I would still be pregnant on June 11th, 2008!
The first weekend in December we rushed to my OB, something was very wrong. We found out that my uterus was completely prolapsed. It took forever for the dr to find the little heartbeat but he finally did. I had cried and cried as I watched him search and search for that heartbeat. Jacob had to come with us since it was unexpected. I remember thinking, "my 2 year old is going to have to watch us learn that we will loss another baby. how can I disguise my grief?" We left the office with a lot of questions and knowing a lifestyle change was about to take place. We were 8 hours from family and I needed to restrict my activity. We had out of town company, a weekend full of activities for church, I was scheduled to host the entire church staff at our house in 48 hours, we were contemplating and praying through a major move and relocation, and realized we may have to move and find another dr during a complicated pregnancy. We LOVE my previous dr and the thought of walking a scary road without him was overwhelming.
I remember thinking about the uncertain days ahead and thinking, "I will have this baby anywhere, with any doctor, anyway, he can come out my ear just please let him (or her) live." I pleaded with the Lord to allow me to carry this baby to a healthy age. I would imagine talking to the baby and asking him to "hang on." (literally!) I hung onto the verse from Ps 139:13 and imagined that the Lord had knit together this little baby in my womb. My womb was not in the right place but He had knitted him or her there!
Here we are about 29 weeks later. The irony is that tomorrow we will go and coax little (or not so little) Logan to join us in this world. No, I never thought we would make it to June 11th but for that I am so thankful! 
Today was not spent cleaning my house, or nesting. I have been nesting! I took in every little bit with Jacob, we played, read and went to the pool. I snuggled with him extra when he woke up from his nap and for that time, I am thankful too!
We will try to update with pictures as soon as we can but you know that time always goes by fast so we will see.....

Monday, June 9, 2008

Word travels fast...

Word travels fast around here and especially when you are 38 + weeks and have looked like you are about to pop!
Pop, I did not but yes, we did go to the hospital this am. I had been having contractions and some "other symptoms"  (there is a limit to what i will say on the blog:) so my dr said head to L&D.
I am 4 cm (I will say that, since everyone is asking anyway...) but my contractions slowed down and didn't pick up much while we were there. So we are back @ home! The induction is still scheduled for Wed am unless Logan has other plans. The ??? of the day has been why not just induce today??? I think the hospital was getting busy. There were 2 ladies come in right after me and a C-section too. Also, I think my dr wanted Logan to get to 39 weeks if he would on his own rather than induce a little early. I am fine with that, we will meet the little guy soon!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Baby update

The update is there is no baby yet. I went to the dr yesterday and "things are moving right along." That is the blog/internet friendly/edited version. The baby is big and if I haven't had him by next Wednesday, I will be induced. We are hoping things happen on their own but we will see! Logan has had his own agenda from the get go!
Still pondering if I will actually post a pic of my current state. A couple of out of town friends have asked for an updated one. I keep hoping I will go into labor and that will be my excuse of why I have posted one. The real excuse is that it just isn't pretty! My feet are so swollen. I never had swollen feet like this with Jacob but the dr said yesterday it is not me, it is just so hot!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Logan's room

Not sure what is going on with blogspot today but it has taken me a few times to get these pics actually up. As promised to a few out of towners, these are some shots of Logan's room. Still just a couple little things to add but I am excited there is something ready for him. I know he will never know the difference! Jacob was 13 months old before he had his own room so I really wanted to have most of a nursery done before Logan got here. The last pic is of Logan's bag ready for the hospital. He hasn't felt the need to activate that "to the hospital" plan yet but it is ready when needed.
Jacob is starting to ask more and more questions. Some I can't post on the internet and especially not the answers I had to give:)
But after we explained to him I would sleep a couple of nights at the hospital, he has started referring to my hospital nights as my "day off." "When you have Logan and are on your day off...."
We also asked this morning how many toys Logan had in my tummy, and who was changing his diapers in there. He has cracked us up with his view of all of this!