Sunday, March 1, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Logan loves going into Jacob's room every morning & this morning we took him breakfast in bed for his birthday!

I guess since this is the 2nd year, we now have a tradition....breakfast in bed (complete with "sugar" cereal...make no mistake there is plenty of sugar in all of our cereal but the bright colors convinced Jacob I had bought it on the "birthday cereal aisle.")

After church we gathered at mellow mushroom for pizza, cake & presents to celebrate the b-day boy. Being on Sunday we were trying to figure out how to make a big deal out of his b-day and this worked out well.
Jacob had a great time & spider man was the official mascot!

To top off a great day....SNOW! Who would have thought snow on March 1st? The boys check out the first snow but it kept coming!

Evening church activities were cancelled & we came home to play!
It was pretty messy since it has been raining for 3 days already but we had a great time.

It ended up snowing for hours. When I measured before dark, there was at least 3 inches. (which is a lot for us since Jacob has not seen snow since winter of '06 & that was just flurries)

Even though it was Jacob's day, we were excited that Logan got out for a few pictures of his first snow. Momma was a kid herself and made Jacob go back out later in the afternoon since I didn't get to play the first time:)
Our house is a every where, we haven't recovered from me being gone for 3 days (preparing for & at a ladies retreat @ church), plenty to do but we have a very happy, tired 4 year old boy tucked in & 2 very happy, thankful parents! Happy birthday Jacob, we love you buddy!

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