Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Jacob's friend party

These pics are in the wrong order but it has taken me over a week & sitting down several times to actually post it so I just better record the event while I can!
We had a great time celebrating Jacob's 4th b-day with his friends. We weren't sure our house was ready for this crew so where else does the pastor's kid have his party? The church gym! And it was perfect! 
After all of the games, presents & cake, the kids went wild with balloons & loved it! Again, my house was not ready for that!

Present time was a little chaotic...Jacob had lots of helpers:)

Yes, I am the mother that sent your kid home with a semi-permanently stained mouth or anything else that came in contact with the fun red & blue icing. Hope you didn't have family photos scheduled or anything!

The pinata.... This was a lot of fun. The kids all had their own plan for busting it including Brooke trying to use the bat in a less traditional hold!

They were ready with their bags to collect all of the goods

We had several little stations for them to collect the items for their goody bags. (it takes a village, thanks to all my sweet friends & parents for helping:) There was a tattoo station, coloring station with spiderman & woman pictures, a "spider" walk & the pinata. All in all, it was fun. Maybe a little less chaotic than just running loose & more economical than some parties. Jacob had a blast!

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