Thursday, March 27, 2008

Trike a Thon

Jacob's preschool had a fundraiser for St Jude's Childrens Hospital this week. We were excited to take part in such a great cause. The kids raised money based on how many laps they completed.

At the "red light" they got stickers for each lap. I was the sticker mom, a job a lot easier than the moms that had to keep them on the course!After all their hard work, they got to take a lemonade break.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter Day

Easter morning

Jacob sitting with the children's choir getting ready for his debut. Keep in mind this is the 5 year old choir:)
He even managed to sing a few of the words. He was very proud of himself with it was all over!

Getting a family picture on Easter is always a challenge. We don't get a chance until lunchtime and no telling what kind of mood everyone is in and what has already has been spilled on the outfit! This year was a little better than last year. Next year will be interesting!

By his 4th Egg Hunt Jacob had this mastered. Maggie checks on Jacob.

We had a great Easter. Our first Easter Sunday @ LFBC was a great one! Jacob really enjoyed everything this year. We were excited to be able to celebrate with family for the first time in years.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Part 1

Can you tell I love my cousin Nathan?
Finally he gets to eat one of his bunnies!
Egg Hunt with cousins

Coloring Easter eggs was a hit this year!

Jacob at the church Easter egg hunt
He thought he was such a big guy and wanted to sit on "the floor."

Getting a fishing lesson from Stacey. He said, "I'll just watch." Probably a good idea for everyone!

This is Easter part 1, in backwards order. We had a great FILLED Saturday as we got ready for Easter. Jacob really enjoyed the festivities this year.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

A "real" mom

Why would easter egg cupcakes and a preschool Easter party make me feel like a "real" mom?
It is weird but it was one of those, "I am a mom" moments. I know 36 hours of labor, having every possible bodily fluid deposited on your body, late nights and early mornings should remind me that I am a mom.

For some reason, Jacob's preschool party made me feel very much like a mom! This is definitely a new phase of life. Maybe that was it....I knew years and years of cupcakes were in my future.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

St Patrick's Day

Not St Patrick's Day but a cute before church picture on Sunday

Jacob got a kick out of the Leprechaun (sp?) milk. He drank a few sips and said, "Momma, this tastes just like my white milk!"

Even better with shamrock cookies!

We were stuck at home yesterday because of Inman's car being in the shop but it was St Patrick's day anyway! We were in green, had green snacks and Jacob had his first corned beef St Patty's dinner. He ate all of the beef, carrots and cabbage!

A couple of funny Jacobisms for the last couple of days:

When eating mashed potatoes with our St Patty's meal, he said he liked the sweet potatoes better than these and asked, "so tomorrow could it be orange day?"

We have been going over a few Bible stories in Jacob's new Bible for toddlers. He calls Moses, "Mosef" and Joseph "Jovis." For some reason everytime we turn to the picture of Adam & Eve in the garden, he insists Adam's name is "Mack."

Last night Jacob said he glad Momma and Daddy and God kept him safe. He said, "I have got to go see God, I haven't seen him in weeks!"

I know there are more but those really got me tickled! I will have to refer to the blog entries when I sit down and write these down in his journal!

Friday, March 14, 2008

26 weeks

What a big guy! Jacob has been at his new school for 2 weeks (he goes on Tuesday and Thursdays). We have already had "farmer day" "green day" and are signed up for a trike a thon. We have been very pleased and he seems to really enjoy his new school and teachers.
Momma @ 26 weeks
Jacob has enjoyed talking to Logan.

These pictures are especially for my cousin Liann. I told you I was bigger than you! (she is several weeks ahead of me)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A day with the Platts and lots of fish

Friday we had a great treat. We were able to spend time with David, Heather, Caleb and Joshua at the Atl aquarium.
It was an extra special day because it was the one year anniversary of Caleb's gotcha day, the day he was officially David and Heather's. We were thrilled to share in this milestone with them. What a year!

Caleb never ended up in the water but loved the touch pools!

Yes, I was there. I am just usually behind the camera. Joshua was also there but was busy being an angel baby and slept the entire time! I will never believe Heather again if she says he is fussy:)

Otherwise, we are doing well and getting a little more settled. This is the 5th time I have tried to post on the blog. We have had LOTS of internet and cable set backs. We finally have cable after 2 weeks! And hopefully our internet woes are almost over. A doctor's appt yesterday brought the news that Logan is head down, which is the direction we want him just not the direction he was facing even a few days ago. Now, if he will just stay put! Jacob is getting more and more curious about his brother and includes him in lots of his conversations. Today he asked when would we get him a carseat. I am glad he is so practical and safety conscious:)

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Jacob's 3rd b-day

Jacob's 1st breakfast in bed on his 3rd b-day

Someone asked "Do you want a picture of Jacob by himself in front of his cake?" No, we have been waiting to be with our cousins! Check out Nathan with his arm around Jacob!

This is Jacob just after he almost ran over his Great Grandmother with his new car. Too bad the video didn't show how funny it was (since everyone was OK) and we could have won $$$ for his college education on America's funniest video!

Jacob chose pizza for his b-day lunch. Good, I know he is not scarred by how much pizza he has had in the last 2 weeks when I was cooking very little!

Lots has happened since we arrived. Moving, unpacking, meeting, greeting, lots of help, when we have stopped long enough we have missed N.O, at the same time loved our new area...lots but most importantly....we celebrated a 3rd birthday! I was determined that Jacob's birthday would go on, boxes and all. During Jacob's first b-day were we returning to New Orleans, Inman had been living in N.O and we were still living in Atl, on his 2nd b-day we had just had a miscarriage and D & C, Inman had been in Turkey. 3rd b-day we have just moved in, new house, new room, new church, new school. We really tried to put a lot of emphasize on his day instead of everything else around us. Lots of family help and the house was somewhat settled. We had a great crowd on Saturday to celebrate his big day.
He woke up on Sat am (early) and said, "Is it March 1st yet?" He knew the day was all about him! I know I am just like any other Momma but I am so thankful that the Lord is allowing me the honor of raising this little man!