Thursday, November 26, 2009

Behind on blogging but very thankful!

I have been behind on blogging but that is mainly because we have had a lot of fun the last couple of weeks.
I am in between thanksgiving cooking & thought what better day to show pictures of just a few of the things I am thankful for this year!

I am thankful for Jacob & what a great time he had playing soccer this fall. A couple of weeks ago we had his end of year party & he got his first trophy! He was so shy during the presentation that I hardly got his picture but this picture shows how thrilled he was!
I am also thankful for his daddy who was a great asst' coach & loved being with Jacob & the team!

I am thankful for the wonderful place we live & that God has called us to serve here. Look at the view at the park where we had Jacob's soccer party. I felt like we were in a mountain retreat! It was so pretty & just miles from our house!

I am thankful for this little guy. Logan wants so bad to be 4 like his brother! He keeps us on our toes but I am so thankful for our kiddos!

Trying to get a picture of the 2 is getting harder & harder. Not quite sure how in the world we will get a Christmas card picture this year!

I am thankful for my family. My mom's birthday was a couple of weeks ago. I am very thankful to have married, healthy parents.

I am thankful for good friends & 24 hour trips!
Last week the boys & I hopped in the car & headed to B'ham for the night. We usually try to get to B'ham to see the Platts in the fall. I was dying to see Heather & the boys & to meet Isaac Box, Bart & Leslie's 4th child. When he was born, Inman & I entered the several weeks long flu/swine flu episodes & I had to stay far away from this little man who was born a few weeks early. Between the 3 families, look at these precious children! The 3 couples started in seminary together & we love getting to spend time together & letting our kids play together.

I am thankful for our church Lawrenceville First Baptist & the wonderful weekday preschool we have. Jacob's class has a thanksgiving feast last week. We are thankful for great teachers & a place that he loves going!
I am thankful that my friend Beth remembered that us moms never get to be in any pictures & had me take a picture of her & her daughter & returned the favor!
I am so thankful for these girls! I ended my week spending time with my college friends. If you have read this blog for any time at all, you will know we get together in the summer with kids & around the holidays with only moms with the exception of nursing babies (which we usually have at least of one:)
We had 24 hours & packed it full of fun, food, laughing, crying, shopping, & retelling stories from past get togethers. We love being together & even though it is quite an ordeal to get a date that will work with all nurses, it is well worth it & we come away with our tanks full!
So much to be thankful for! Logan has an ear infection & is wheezing some so we are doing breathing treatments but it is a great reminder that we have 2 healthy kids & can't take a minute for granted. Most of all, I am thankful that God loves each of us, has a special plan for our life & extends His grace to all of us through the gift of His son!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Logan finally gets to cook!

Logan was so excited the other day that he got to help in the kitchen. I have had Jacob in the kitchen with me for a long time. Since it was just him, he was very easy to have as my little helper. Often times now, we will save that activity for when Logan is asleep or I will hold him or Logan will just play at our feet or who am I kidding? He will cry the whole time I am trying to have that time with Jacob. Jacob loves helping in the kitchen.
The other day when it was time to make homemade muffins, Jacob got on his stool & Logan disappeared for a second. He soon rounded the corner with another stool, parked it at the counter & climbed up. This was his face when he grabbed the measuring spoon & turned to look at me. He was thrilled to be at the counter with brother, ready to help!

Jacob keeping his hands out of the bowl

Jacob was a little unsure about sharing his activity & who wouldn't be concerned about a toddler with his hands in the bowl, we have talked a lot about germs around here after all!?
All in all, Jacob enjoyed cooking with his brother & the muffins turned out pretty good too!

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Please don't take this little man away.
I know that he has a fresh scab & bruise over his right eyelid. That is from his little stumble
down the 2 or 3 garage stairs.
I also know he has a bruise & some slight swelling over his left cheek.
That is from falling flat on his face, don't worry it was on nice soft carpet.
This new road rash on his forehead is from a little spill while we played this afternoon.
He is the least graceful,
walking too fast,
gets in over his head,
doesn't think before he does anything,
afraid of very little,
does everything full throttle,
100 % boy,
little boy
I have
in my
whole life!
Yes, DFACS, we do appreciate your concern. We realize it looks a little suspicious.
But spend 2 hours with him & you will drop your case!

Friday, November 6, 2009


This was in March when I first got these shirts.....

This was the other day (October 2009).....

Jacob is a lot taller & Logan has a lot more hair!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Friday night we carved our pumpkin. Much different from last year since Logan was in a bouncey seat last year!

The boys digging in

Jacob actually enjoyed getting a little messy this time, last year: not so much!

Since Logan was ALL over the place like usual, he stepped into some pumpkin seeds & was border line hysterical about that!

Saturday we had a full, fun day!
We had our friends over for some soup before trick or treating. Jacob & Noah, I mean superman & the pilot getting ready to hit the streets

The ONLY picture of Jacob & Logan together (below)
Between the two of them, running out before it started raining again, meeting up with neighbors, leaving together but knowing one of us would be home with Logan within a few minutes, I only took 24 pictures. For anyone who has followed this blog for any time knows that 24 pictures of ANY event is NOTHING!

Lucas is the other child of our friends Jon & Carrie

Logan may have not understood the whole thing but he knew something fun was going on!

This is Jacob's face when we totally busted him. He didn't want to let Logan touch his candy but he wanted to empty out Logan's candy & inspect it (yes, it will go to him anyway but it was just the point!)
The babies watching other trick or treaters leave. They couldn't figure out why people kept coming to the door & we gave them something everytime!

A fun time! It is so fun to watch the kids from year to year. This was the first year that Jacob was pretty much the oldest in the crew. It was cute to watch him be the ringleader!
In the pictures where we are carving the pumpkin, that is the same shirt that Jacob wore when he was 19 months old. The fireman costume was the outfit Jacob wore for his 2nd b-day which was a firefighter party. They have both grown so much since last year! It was so special to watch things through their eyes. It certainly didn't hurt that GA Tech ended the night on such a positive note!
Happy fall! Hope everyone got to take advantage of their "extra" hour of sleep, what a great night for that!