Thursday, May 29, 2008

Waiting & false alarms...

No pictures today. Because if there was a picture, it would be of me, barefoot and pregnant with about 1 outfit left that still fits. And there is just not a thing pretty about that!
Yesterday we had about 18 hours of "labor," that turned out to be false labor. It all started late Tuesday night with 3 hours of contractions every 3-5 minutes apart all lasting 45 sec-about 1 minute. My dr had said to call for contractions over 45 seconds for one hour. I didn't call because I figured, "let's let everyone get a little rest, it is late, I was in early labor with Jacob for a long time. We have time." At daylight we called some family and started walking, finishing last minute details. These contractions were stronger than I had when I was in labor with Jacob. 
Long story short....they halted. Did you know you can have contractions every 2 minutes lasting longer than a minute and it can be FALSE???? So we wait, which is fine. Logan is only 37 weeks so he can cook longer. His story the whole pregnancy has been different from Jacob's. He has kept me on my toes since the beginning so there is also no change there. He is calling the shots already!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Baby Update and Misc

I have been trying to do things that may be a little harder to do with an infant in tow. Also, I have tried to take breaks from getting the nursery ready and other things to make sure Jacob isn't completely overwhelmed by all things BABY! We headed to the library for Clifford Day. Jacob was a little unsure of Clifford but had a great time. (The libraries here are awesome!)

My sister, Stephanie, me-great with child and Mom last weekend at my baby shower given by a dear friend, Jan. Can you believe I babysat for her kids? What shows my gray hair even more is that one is married with a child, one is married and one is graduating from college this month!

Baby update: We went to see the dr on Tuesday and had an ultrasound only to find out what I could have told you. He is HUGE! At 36 weeks, Logan's weight is approx 7 pounds 11 oz. If he goes to 38 weeks like Jacob did, he would be around 8-11 (dr's guess). I won't get into other details on the internet but I will say the dr strongly suggested Inman not leave town this weekend as planned. So we are "nesting" and getting ready for Logan.

Good clean fun!

Inman gets pied Wed night at the end of school bash. The kids got a kick out of throwing pies at the pastor and youth minister. Jacob was a loyal son and even with my encouragement would not get Inman right in the face. I was kind and just got him on the forehead. I figured I needed to be on his good side. I am going to need him in the days coming up!

Jacob got a kick out of Daddy in the inflatable!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

A Fun Week

I actually wrote this post last week & thought I lost it. Rather than re-write it, I gave up for the time being. My computer whiz friend, Laura :) helped me retrieve it. I will update on this week soon!
We went to pick strawberries this week. We meant to go a little earlier in the season but several things came up and pushed our trip back. A couple of times that I was swatting down by the strawberry vines, I thought to myself "Yeah a couple of weeks ago this may have been easier!"

We were glad Mema was able to come with us. Jacob was very concerned about following the rules. We had told him to pick only red ones. We didn't have to worry about that because from there on out, he asked about EVERY strawberry before he picked it! He also reminded us about every 30 seconds not to overfill our buckets like the sign said.

Thursday was also the last day at school. This is Jacob's teacher, Ms Corrine. He has a great couple of months at his new school and we are so thankful that the transition went so well. His teachers and staff did a great job making him feel right at home!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Big Brother to be

Jacob went to his new sibling class on Tuesday night. The teacher did a great job introducing the kids to how their worlds were about to change. Above, Jacob is trying to diaper his tiger. He was a little overwhelmed by the fact that all of the girls could slap those diapers right on!

We went upstairs to see the real babies in the nursery. Jacob was careful to remind me and who ever else that we needed to whisper and kept, "SHHHHHHH," all the way down the hall.

Jacob peaks in the window of the nursery. Afterwards we celebrated and stopped for ice cream. Becoming a big brother is something to celebrate after all!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

Happy 35th anniversary Mom & Dad! Friday night we went out to celebrate their 35 years & had a great time!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

School days, school days

Jacob has only one more week of school. I am not sure who will miss it more, him or me:) On Tuesday the fire truck came. Jacob LOVES firetrucks so this was a big treat. Look at him cutting eyes at Julia.

Jacob loved this part!

Today I picked up Jacob and he said, "This is for Sunday!" He was holding up a white bag. He insisted I could not look at it. We HAD to save it until Sunday. After dinner, he opened the top of the bag and said, "Do you want to take a peak Momma?" I told him we would wait until Sunday and that he had told me we HAD to wait until Sunday. He said, "You're right. I need to hide it!" He ran out of the room. I got a little nervous about where he was going to hide it. Not to worry, he said, "Don't look in here!" As he closed the downstairs bathroom door. Yeah right, 8 months pregnant. I am sure I won't be in the bathroom on the first level until Sunday & who could miss it?

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Maternity pics

So when I was pregnant with Jacob, I missed the opportunity to do any maternity pictures. Going into this pregnancy with more of me to start with, I really regretted not getting them done the first time. Then I realized this could be my last time pregnant and I needed to seize this time in my life. My sister's awesome sister in law, Carrie, has a photography business bellablu photography & she came and snapped some shots. Check out Carrie @

I am so glad I got some pictures with Jacob. I am so excited to welcome another little boy. I also get a little emotional when I think about our time "just us" is about to change. Having a baby so far from family and then returning to N.O after the storm left us with a lot of "just us" time. I am sure a lot of moms feel like this. I am trying to remember to cherish these days with my firstborn before I am a mom of 2 boys.

Daddy got to be there for a few minutes & we got a few fun shots.

Since he is my thumb sucker, I loved this one. I will save the other bare belly shots for times other than the internet! We got some great pictures, way too many to post but thought I would share just a few. Hard to believe that the next set will be of Logan! 34 weeks tomorrow!