Sunday, March 29, 2009

Another day for Stellan

I get very "attached." Maybe it is the nurse in me when I read of (sometimes even complete stranger's) stories, I really hurt for them. Sometimes I can't get my mind off of them. Maybe that is the prompting of the Spirit to continue to pray. I follow several blogs of sick children. It all started with Carter & I have "met" so many kids over the years. Some of them I just can't let go. This is the case with little Stellan. Maybe it is just the mother in me & I can't imagine what she is going through. So many times over the last week I have been holding my little one & just can't fathom him clinging to life. Please join me in praying...Stellan is already quite the miracle & wouldn't this be the perfect time for the Lord to really show off? Whatever the outcome is for sweet Stellan, I know the Lord has been glorified through his & his precious family. GO. PRAY.

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