Saturday, February 27, 2010

20 things about our 20 month old

Logan is now 20 months old! I thought I would do a post just about him since the attention is about to switch to our almost 5 year old!

Here are 20 things about Logan at this age in no particular order:
1) Logan is a busy boy!

2) He hits the ground running in the morning. Only very rarely do we get that early morning cuddle. He gets out of his bed & is already to go!

3) Logan loves to play outside!

4) He loves his big brother who he calls "Bro Bro." He cries when we drop him off at preschool & asks for him off & on all day.

5) He cut 4 teeth just this week!

6) Logan's favorite breakfast foods are oatmeal, pancakes or french toast (& his brother just introduced him to syrup), cheese toast, fruit, yogurt, scrambled eggs & a poptart when Momma lets those slip into the buggy.

7) Logan's favorite toys are balls, cars, his little grill & food, his buggy & fridge magnets.

8) Logan just discovered crayons & has to be watched very carefully!

9) Logan wants to do whatever his big brother is doing.

10) Logan presently has a black eye (his first) after falling while climbing onto a kitchen chair.

11) Speaking of, Logan has turned into quite the climber. He has learned how to get on the sofa, into the rocker in his room & will move an object over to climb onto whatever he wants to tackle.

12) Logan likes the veggies: broccoli, sweet potatoes, collard greens, mashed potatoes, corn, cooked carrots and I am sure there are a few others. He does not like green peas, lima beans, or okra.

13) His favorite fruits are bananas, apples sliced very thin or cooked, grapes, pears, cantaloupe and loved watermelon last summer. He does not like mandarin oranges, & is picky about peaches.

14) The words he is saying: bye bye, night night, bro bro, momma, daddy, on, off, up, cup, water (wa wa), uh oh, ball, bible, hat, outside. Many words we can understand but others wouldn't be able to: bird, spoon, wipe, light, door, milk, sock....He is starting to mimic more words we say every day.

15) When we go outside he asks for his hood to be pulled up & says "hat."

16) He takes his right shoe off any chance he gets. Many days he is walking around with only his left shoe on.

17) He loves getting Jacob's lunch box or a book bag & pretends like he is leaving to go to school. He waves bye bye & wants to give out kisses.

18) Logan loves to brush his teeth.

19) He does not mind blowing his nose & will often ask for a tissue. When he will no longer blow his nose that means he has an ear infection (that was true this past week as well as the last 3 or 4 ear infections)

20) This boy is into everything but a true JOY! He is quite the character & adds so much to our lives!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Love & War

I was really excited about the opportunity to post a blog book review for Love & War by John and Stasi Eldredge. Inman and I are a part of a group that the men recently read Wild at Heart & the women read Captivating. I jumped at the chance to read their follow up.

One of the things that I recently appreciate about John & Stasi Eldredge is the fact that they really open up about their pasts, their own marriage & experiences. Beth Moore reviewed their book and said it best, "...they're willing to put themselves out there for somebody else's sake."
They were both very vulnerable opening the doors of their own home & sharing what they have learned during their 25 years together. They describe their own start as "a disaster waiting to happen." Their candid account of the way God has worked through their own marriage will be an encouragement to anyone who reads this book.

With a title like Love & War, one may shy away. "Why would I want to read a book about the war of marriage?" That is the key. Right from the beginning they acknowledge to some what has become an astounding truth, marriage is hard! My encouragement is to keep reading! I feel so encouraged after reading this book. God has written quite a love story & we have a front row seat. He is using our marriages to tell a story far greater than anything we could ever ask for or even imagine.
It would not be too late to let Valentine's extend into next week & pick up this read for you & your spouse! Hey, we had a snow day here in GA & really threw off a lot of people's last minute shopping!
Follow the link below to see where you can find your copy:

Happy Valentine's Day!

This was book was provided for review by WaterBrook Multnomah

Monday, February 8, 2010


We had a great time celebrating our Saints in the super bowl!
Logan loved the non stop buffet & the fact that the rules were out the window for the night & he got to walk around with food!

A taste of NOLA, we had jambalaya, king cake & lots of other super bowl party food!

Jacob shouting WHO DAT

The boys even got to wear Saints gear to church yesterday! Would have loved to be in NOLA this past weekend. I could go on & on about this city & what winning the Super Bowl means to our home away from home but for now.......GEAUX SAINTS! WHO DAT!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Christmas 2009 in pictures

I am so behind posting pictures that I almost didn't post Christmas. BUT, my plan is to bind the blog for a journal through one of the companies that makes your blog into a book. If I didn't post Christmas '09, we would be missing that in our book! So better late than never & this post will be mostly pics & a lot less captions than if I was doing it on time!

The boys' matching shirts, a favorite this season!

Troy & Steph show up in their "tacky sweaters" & I laughed so hard I pulled a muscle! This is not what they would normally wear at all!

Papa & Logan

Mema & Logan

A lot of my Christmas season was trying to get pictures of the boys!
Logan is wearing the outfit that was Jacob's at this age. He was more interested in putting his hand in Jacob's pocket, & the tongue out of the mouth was his favorite pose this Christmas season!

Christmas Baking

Once again, trying for a good pic

Making a gingerbread train with Grandma Lois

Christmas Eve night, lots of energy following a great Christmas Eve service & waffle house with friends & family

Christmas morning & looking at what Santa brought

Christmas Day with the Houstons

Granddaddy & Grandmomma
Christmas day night @ Becky & Marshall's

Audrey & Brandon (got engaged about 48 hours after this picture!)

We were so excited Gordon, Chisa & Koyo were in Atlanta for Koyo's first Christmas. Grandmomma & Granddaddy had 3 of their great-grandchildren with them in Christmas.

Trying out the new bike

Christmas '09 was a great one even if I am late posting! The boys are at very fun (BUSY!) ages & seeing Christmas through their eyes is always so much fun! We are thankful for all of the memories we have celebrating our Savior's birth!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Hurricane Whodat!

Hurricane Whodat

Hurricane Whodat by Editor B.
An accurate weather forecast for Miami.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Hi, my name is April. You have probably forgotten me!

I am definitely not winning any blog awards around here! For all 3 of you who still check up on us, I could list all the reasons I haven't blogged basically since Thanksgiving but I won't bore anyone! I have wanted to catch up but just haven't sat down to do it!
Below is just one of the fun things we did over Christmas! The boys really enjoyed going to the pink pig with Mema this year. I will be back with more pics of Christmas! (about time since it is Feb:)