Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Praise Baby

The blog world is one of it's own isn't it? I have "met" so many neat people, some that I eventually get to meet in person (like Kristi a couple of weeks ago) & some that I hope to meet one day like Boomama...our worlds collide with a couple of connections/friends plus the fact I liked her from the begininng (she's a hoot) & we have a love for the south & I read about her Louisiana days. Boomama invited some of her readers to submit blog entries for the new Praise Baby blog. If you have read even one of my posts, you know very quickly that I. am. not. a. writer.
But I love my kiddos & I love exposing them to the One that makes me sing & saying just a word about that was a treat.
Check it out @ the Praise Baby Blog

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The Funkhouser's said...

We too LOVE Praise Baby!!!! It is the only DVD Joselyn asks to watch!

Megan Funkhouser