Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Baby dedication, mother's day & 6 months old

Micah's baby dedication was Mother's day 2011.
Micah Carter Houston, almost 6 months old

Yes, he looks a lot like Logan in this picture but that changes about the next day!

Full view of outfit, Logan also wore this outfit and all 3 boys wore these special shoes that my youth minister gave me when Jacob was born.

Papa & Micah "talk" before the service starts

Aunt Steph

Wonderful day to have baby dedication with great friends!
Kari & her girls, Ed & Frances with Rachel & our crew.

This was taken right before the PK, Logan started acting like he may jump off the platform or perform a quick circus act!

Frances & Rachel.
We have been praying for a baby for Ed & Frances for a long time. The Lord answered the prayers of many & Ed & Frances adopted Rachel in February. Micah loves his little girlfriend.

The whole crew. I wish I had taken more individual pics with everyone holding Micah. The morning was kind of hectic though!

4 generations, My Grandmomma, Mom, Momma to 3 boys (I am looking a little tired!) & Micah
Papa & Mema with Micah

Spring & summer catch up

When you are months behind blogging do you adjust the dates on your blog or do you just carry on because this is life right now?!

Jacob lost his first tooth!
APRIL 28th! Here we are 4 months later!
Oh it was a "my baby is growing up" moment! I definitely teared up but I stayed brave because he was a little nervous just before it came out. I know I will never forget the look on his face when he realized it was out & Inman's look was just as priceless as he showed it to him. Yes, I may be the nurse but teeth are kind of gross to me when they are wiggling around.
(We are already on tooth #2 but I will save that for another blog as I catch up!)

1st tooth fairy visit

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Going to the chapel

I had to back up & capture Jacob's debut in a wedding. Karen & Anthony are a sweet couple from our church & asked Jacob to help them celebrate their big day!
(pics are backwards, this is what you get when you blog with a bebe in your lap)

Jacob had been talking for days about getting on the dance floor & he did but was pretty shy once he finally got there!

He loved the cake & other desserts!

Jacob & Karen, the beautiful bride

Oh my word, this cake was unbelievable! Can you believe I "behaved" and did not even taste it!?

Back at the church...Daddy & Jacob after the wedding

Jacob during the wedding, he did great! Anyone who knows Jacob knows he took this job very seriously. I knew he would behave and stand still etc. I did get a little nervous right before the wedding, I mean this is someone's wedding! From all of the activities that weekend, I knew Jacob would be tired but he did awesome!

A rare occasion, someone snapped a pic of Momma and Jacob right before the wedding!

Hayden & Jacob
Hayden is our youth minister's oldest daughter. We thought it was so cute they would be in the wedding together. Hayden did not disappoint, she was precious!

Look how handsome, I think the tux made him look about 5 yrs older:)
Congrats Karen & Anthony!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Easter 2011

Easter morning
We got someone to snap a family picture when we arrived to church

My dad is right....getting a picture of kids is much like photographing wild animals. If you could only see the outtakes of these! I stopped just before we were all in BAD moods on the way to church!

The day before we dyed Easter eggs
This is pretty much Logan's standard pose these days. This is why I had to include the others leading up to this date where he was actually smiling!

April 2011 continues...

Happy birthday Aunt Steph! Or as Logan affectionately calls her a lot of the time Stephians (like Philippians)

Look at Uncle Troy....he's a natural!

I am not sure what what so funny. Maybe we were talking about the time when Jacob asked Stephanie, "you aren't a grown up, are you?"

Ok, let's be serious here, take 2. Stephanie is 31 & Mom is styling some black leggings!


I LOVE my little sis! We are so different but still the bestest of buds. I have always loved having our birthdays close together.
(The light hit Steph's teeth just right & it looks like she is in a toothpaste commercial:)

Spring break part 2

Spring break fun continues.....
Happy birthday Momma!
Yes, I will tear up on my babies' birthdays, not able to believe they are another year older but I hope to never complain about my own years adding up! I am thankful for another year so..... bring it! This was #35!

Again, Logan is not much for smiling at the camera so I even had to crop this one to catch this sweet smile. On my birthday we went and had lunch at a local airport restaurant so the boys could watch planes. Have I turned into a "boy" mom or what?!

Mom & Dad aka Mema & Papa

Our sweet neighbors Ben & Helon brought us an ice cream pie

The next day we headed to a friend's lake house.
We kept Micah out of the sun and the big boys had a blast!

Logan's first time fishing

Luke & Jacob had so much fun together

Our "staycation" spring break was a great week and even a little strep throat at the end of the week didn't ruin it:)

Spring break part 1

During spring break we headed to the zoo....with everyone else in Atl!
Mema & Papa joined us and we all decided the annual zoo pass was money well spent.

About to ride the train
Logan is not much for smiling at the camera these days so I had to include this one

Petting zoo

Very appropriate...check out Logan looking much like the monkeys:)
I think Logan would have stayed in front of each animal for hours and he had to climb up on every fence to get a closer look. Jacob was very concerned with following the map during this trip and what was next!

This picture below is out of order but cute nonetheless....we also have this outfit on both of the other boys. It was of my favorites 50%mom, 50% dad

Our little monkey catching a nap while the big boys rode the train

Mema & the 3 monkeys