Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Baby Dedication

Here is a taste of Logan's baby dedication. For whatever reason I was only able to put up 5 but have lots more and want to share a few more later. We were so thankful to have a huge crowd of friends and family to come out for Logan's day!

Since Daddy is the pastor he opened but the chairman of deacons read the charge to the parents and the congregation. 

This picture was snapped during the prayer. Looks like Jacob is having a serious prayer of his own!
I will share more later. We have some cute ones and yes, Heather W that is a southern jon-jon:)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Momma and Jacob learn a lesson

Jacob has had salmon many times. Tonight I said, "finish your fish." Big mistake!

He didn't realize the above was.....

Note: to other rookie moms, don't serve fish the week your kid gets a fish! I could see the wheels turning and saw where this was going. How do you explain to a 3 yr old that our dinner is not the same as "Shawny?"
I tried to summarize how there are fisherman and they catch big fish (without directly mentioning our fish) and they are delivered to the store. Jacob finally very calmly said, "I just can't believe you did this. You bought the fish from the man and just cut him all up."
Yeah, big mistake!

Monday, September 22, 2008


Jacob's new favorite way to watch TV, in his "nest."

Logan is his big boy jeans and sacked out on the sofa
Jacob picked out a GT outfit for Logan when he was born and he wore it for the first time this weekend. He makes a cute little yellow jacket doesn't he?

Jacob has not had the chance to feed Logan yet. Logan takes bottles great when Momma is away. Tonight I had a meeting and I don't need to ever worry, Jacob looks like he has everything under control!

Jacob is excited to have his first pet. Shawney (his pick) is the new member of our family, a blue beta fish.

Just a cute pic of Logan yesterday after church.
Hope everyone is enjoying a little bit of cooler weather like we are (sorry NOLA folks, maybe not quite yet!) but we have loved some cooler temps and have enjoyed playing outside. looking forward to watching the leaves actually change colors this year!

Thursday, September 18, 2008


So only the GBCN girls will get this but.....is this an Ardis or what? Logan sucks his fingers when his paci falls out. Any two or three but he is a finger boy not like brother and his thumb but an Ardis!:)

Big brother, Little brother

Last weekend we tried on Jacob and Logan's brother shirts. Jacob has been sporting his big brother shirt all summer but Logan's little brother shirt was 6 months. We knew he wouldn't need that long but good thing we put it on! Any longer and he would have missed it!

This picture shows 2 new things....lots of drool and therefore the need for a bib and "look Mom I have hands!" Logan has discovered his hands. We used to always laugh because Jacob would wring his hands like he was thinking or worried. Logan holds his out in front just amazed by them!
Hurry and put the outfit on the baby before he outgrows it is the name of the game! Logan wore this outfit to church on Sunday and I had to tell the nursery volunteers that they could take it off if it got too tight on his chubby legs!

Jacob is still enjoying school. At the end of the day he comes through the door to where the moms are waiting. He drops his stuff right on the ground so he can open his backpack up right there and show me. He is given the option of being dropped off or walked in. The first couple of days he said he would want to be dropped off. I gulped and smiled and said sure. That meant he would get to his class on his own. Obviously the teachers would help a wandering kid but I wondered if he knew which class was his. He is at church other times (a lot) and I knew he would get confused to which room was for what for the first couple of weeks. He had NO clue what room to go to when I suggested he walk us to the right room. That afternoon he said he didn't think he was ready to be dropped off ONLY because he didn't want to change which side of the car his carseat was on. I will drop him off whenever he is ready but for now I will enjoy walking him in and we have to hold hands because we are in the parking lot:) Even carrying in Logan's heavy infant carseat every day, I will love it!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A day in the life.....

Not really sure why but Blogger keeps making me type first only then post pics so scroll down for what we've been up to.

We have had a good first week of school. Jacob loves his new teachers. He did tell me today (out of the blue) "School is fine. Sometimes it gets long because I missed you." I will try to remember that after the fit he threw about taking a nap:) He did his first homework assignment: to decorate his fish (he is in the fish class) with some of his favorite things. Spider man, fruit snacks, football, basket ball and Logan made the list!

We were scheduled to go to NOLA last weekend but with everything going on we decided to wait. We figured why put more demands on an already pretty stressful situation. Something about heavy traffic getting there, limited sewage, limited stores and restaurants open made a trip with a 3 yr old and 12 week old less and less appealing. The good news is that our house is OK! We were very sad to not get to be with our friends but look forward to getting down there soon. We are thankful that gustav was not as bad as once predicted but know even what is was took a major toll on everyone there.

We decided not to waste the day of vacation and made a last minute trip to B'ham. We had a great time with the Platts and getting to attend the Church of Brook Hills where David pastors. For a great message, look on the church's website and listen to Sunday's sermon. I doubt Brook Hills will ever be the same!

Logan is trying out his bumbo chair in the picture above. He loves watching what is going on around him. If it is an ordinary day, Jacob gives him plenty to watch! 

Random pic of Jacob "working." Nothing else eventful going on, sometimes that is nice!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Back to school

Jacob headed back to school today. This year he will go Monday, Wednesday & Friday. We were all excited! Last night Jacob was concerned if he would wake up on time and if he would remember his backpack. I told him that I could probably help him with those things! It looks like it will be a fun year. One of Jacob's teachers is from New Orleans. We hug each other tightly and ask, "How's your momma and 'em?" We are going to love Ms. Holley and Ms. Elina.

Inman's b-day

Inman and Grandmother Bailey shared a cake this year. We had a great time being able to celebrate his birthday with family this year.
Jacob had decided he wanted to send Daddy on a hunt for his presents. He laughed as we led Daddy to the fridge, pantry, bath tub and closet. We tried to offer clues but most of the time, he couldn't stand it and blurted out where the present or card was!
Most of Inman's b-day was spent in front of the TV watching Gustav coverage. We couldn't take our eyes off the news! We did break long enough to leave the house for a bit just to get our minds on all that was going on. De ja vu.....3 years ago, Inman's bday was spent watching coverage of Katrina.