Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Ethiopia day #1

So I left off with hopes of updating the blog from Ethiopia. I would say it is just my usual good intentions but I did not keep up. However, we really did not internet at all until the last day. We had heard the internet was "spotty" but there were problems that week and it actually was "non existent" until we were just about the leave! 

Meeting our girl for the first time

You imagine this moment over and over in your minds. Yet knowing there is no way to predict what will happen. What will she think of her new family? Am I going to burst into tears and scare her to death? The Lord was SO good! We had not slept AT ALL. We all three had been put on antibiotics before leaving for ear infections or sinus infections & had not slept except for minutes on the plane When we landed it was almost 8 AM in Ethiopia & the day was just getting started where we had left Atl almost 24 hours ago. I cry even easier when I have not slept and was literally scared I would scar her if I burst into tears and she was going to think "this woman looks terrible! This is the best you could come up with!" The Lord gave us an extra measure of adrenaline & we did not feel the exhaustion until later that day.
Although we were all overcome with emotion, the Lord kept us in check and it literally happened a bit quicker than we thought. We looked up and there she was! We actually caught her peeking through the window with a little friend before they officially brought her in. She looked so excited!

Within just a couple of minutes of her coming in I commented, "your hair is so pretty!" It had grown since our first picture of her. She took that cue & pointed to all of her body parts in ENGLISH. She had the cutest little accent as she proudly went down the, eyes, ears, nose, arms, chest, hands, body.

For just a second after that, she acted very nervous. Almost like she may cry or maybe that she was really excited. I patted her on the back and told her it was OK & that moment seemed to pass.
It was overwhelming to think what our little girl must be thinking, what she may have been thru in her short little life & how we wanted to tell her how much we already loved her. God was so good to make that moment special but not so overwhelming that we could not hold it together for this precious one in front of us. 

First photo together, just minutes after meeting.
I would say first family photo but we are missing two very important pieces of our puzzle at home so we will have to wait for the first official family photo.

One of the neat things about this week was getting to meet two other families. One was adopting an infant boy, their first child. The other family had adopted from Ethiopia before and were adopting their 8th child! An added blessing was getting to spend the week with these families and get to share in each other's monumental events. One of the other parents snapped this photo for us.

It did not take long.....Daddy's girl

Showing her a photo album of her family & introducing her to the fact there are 2 MORE brothers at home! She won't let go of the baby doll we brought her

Brother and sister are fast friends

Especially since apparently she can throw a football!
She will fit right in:)

Don't get me wrong though! She may be able to throw the ball with her brother but she is ALL girl, look at that pose!

She spent the rest of that morning playing with her, seeing where she slept & her world at the transition home. While she went to eat lunch and be with her friends in her little class, we snuck away for a quick nap & woke up to finish a bit of paperwork with the director in country. Even though we were exhausted we did go to a transitional Ethiopian restaurant....which is not a quick dinner by any means but an evening  full of eating and entertainment. I will follow up my next post with more pics, day 2 & visiting our Compassion child in Ethiopia!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

It's a......GIRL!

Yeah, remember how I said I was going to start keeping up with the ol' blog again??
A lot has happened in the last 6 weeks!

We have accepted a referral of a little girl from Ethiopia and the exciting news to go with that is we leave in 2 days for our first trip and court date!

I will back up for the sake of journaling. We learned about this sweet girl the end of September and officially accepted her referral October 1st. We will share more about her in days to come and also after we meet her. There will be parts of her story that we keep within our family as just as in any adoption, adoption stems from loss & and we don't ever want to regret sharing parts of her life that she isn't even aware of yet or that are private.. We actually know very little about her past or her birth parents. We are so thankful that the Lord has brought her to us and that she is in the wonderful transition home that partners with our agency. We have enjoyed getting pictures of her and learning little tid bits of her personality. Of course, we absolutely can not wait to see her in person, learn more about her and assure her that she has a family waiting for her. 

 The next six weeks have been such a whirlwind and God has been so good to affirm this decision so many times! We first had to wait for a court date and we received our court date on October 29th. We were to be in Ethiopia November 12th and would go to court November 14th. Talk about some craziness around here but all vey exciting. Jacob will go with us on this trip and we can't wait for him to meet his sister and have a trip of a lifetime. He is so excited! We know this will be so neat for their bond and will be something neither one of them forgets.

So what now?
We go to court November 14th and pray the judge gives a positive ruling for our adoption. If so, she will officially be a Houston! BUT and it is a big BUT if you are not familiar with Ethiopia adoption. We don't get to bring her home until we get an US embassy appointment, hopefully SOON! But we know the Lord has His hand on her and cares for her even more than we do. He obviously has a great plan for her life and we can't wait to be a part of it!

I could go on and on about how good the Lord has been to us the last few weeks and how He has worked in our lives and in the life of our little girl but there is still packing to do. Not sure how our internet will be in Ethiopia but I hope to post and update and share good news mid next week!