Tuesday, March 3, 2009

snow day

I still can't believe it snowed! Maybe it is living in NOLA for years or maybe I am surprised that it was so late in the season, but regardless I still can't believe it.
We had a fun time in the snow yesterday again. We limited our time because Jacob picked up a cough and runny nose....maybe the 70 degree temps one day, 30 degrees the next, back to 70's again by the end of the week-ya' think?:) We are TOTALLY unprepared for snow, very few clothes that are snow friendly & no snow gear for playing. Our neighbor brought over the above for Jacob so we were able to go down the hill a few times. When we went to return it today they said to keep it, their kids are growing up! So maybe next year, we will be ready...because I WILL be getting several pairs of gloves off of end of year clearance ASAP.  (I will stock up and be ready for years & it won't snow again for another 10 years:) How do people live like this for months in the winter? I guess they have several pairs of everything. We went through some serious clothes & that was just playing for a short time! What fun though...I don't know who enjoyed it more me or Jacob!

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