Thursday, July 24, 2008

Girls Reunion

Getting together with my friends from nursing school has become at least a twice a year tradition. We usually get together in the summer with our kids and the winter with just the girls. Sometimes we will be able to get together more but these times have become something we plan way ahead to make happen. This year one of the girls had car trouble on the way and had to turn around. Her husband knew the only solution was to put everyone in the car and drive her there! We love that our kids are growing up knowing each other. Some look at us like we are crazy when we say we will have all those kids under one roof. There is 11 now and more on the way! Some are so jealous and say they wish their friends were able to get together like that. These are friendships that are very special and we each make it a priority. We have been out of school 10 years this year. We have weathered a lot together....weddings, learning about being married, babies, miscarriages, moves, hurricanes, tornadoes, work stress, balancing all of that and we have shared more laughs & good times than we could count! We put those kids to bed and talk about a lot and nothing at all. Just like the good ol' days there is always good food involved! We all love pictures so there were a lot taken, these are just a few!

Jacob adores Graysen and Graysen does a great job letting him shadow his every move!

This was how we found the boys after they fell asleep.

Logan & his girl, Morgan

Made in the shade @ the pool

Thanks to Leslie, we even had art projects this year!

Becca has had lots of years to "practice" on our kids and we are thrilled that in January of next year, she will add to our crew! Congrats Becca & Scott!

Like times past, we shared EVERY thing this time! We departed to only hours later have a little stomach bug make the rounds on a few of the kiddos. Besides that and a brief wasp attack, we had a great time. I am so thankful for my girls!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

baby boy #2

We are trying to get as many pics of baby boy #2 as we had of Jacob, which is a lot! We just want to be fair!

We were trying to get a birth announcement pic with both of them.

Another outfit that Jacob wore at 3-4 months and fit Logan @ 4 weeks!

Bath time pics are the best!
Logan's one month check up this week went well. He weighed in @ 12 lbs 15 1/2 oz!

A Fun Week

Jacob made and tried his first s'mores. Aunt Steph gave him a s'mores kit and we figured it may be just a little longer before we braved the woods with this crew so we had "at home" s'mores!

Nathan spent the night this week. Jacob had a great time having his first buddy sleep over. We went to kids' night at chic fil a, where they do face painting. Nathan has decided he was too big for face painting but would take a balloon animal. When he was getting his balloon dog made, the clown offered to do a scary snake tattoo. Nathan thought that was a cool idea. We had to be very careful not to let it smear because he really wanted to show his mom the next day!

Logan has really started smiling some. We caught this one in one of the outfits passed on by his big brother. Inman and I had a few favorite outfits and this was one of them.

We have a little night time ritual where one of us hides before Jacob goes to bed. A favorite place is his closet. Some times he will open the closet to find us doing something silly. This week Jacob got a kick out of finding Logan wearing his cowboy hat!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Granddaddy's birthday

We celebrated Granddaddy's b-day last Sunday. This was his 79th. We had a great crowd and had a good time with family. We are so thankful that we are celebrating 79 great years and look forward to partying for his 80th next year!

Logan looks into Inman's eyes and wonders where did all of these people come from?

My Granddaddy is the best ever. I am not the only one that thinks so....we are all crazy about him! Happy birthday Granddaddy!

Nana Jean's birthday

Last weekend we celebrated 2 birthdays (I am a week behind blogging:). First was Nana Jean's 65th b-day (Inman's mom). We headed to the city of Duluth park for a picnic and the boys' favorite part, playing in the fountain. Jacob once again, thought he was somewhere between 8 and 12 years old and loved being one of the boys. He even got a lesson on making the best of a situation after the bathrooms automatically locked @ 7pm. He was taken to the woods by his cousins and came out a man:) He came out and told me, "Mom there was no flushing out there and no where to wash my hands!"
Happy Birthday Nana!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

4th of July

The boys in their 4th of July clothes

Jacob has officially mastered the "fake smile" when we have taken too many

We had a great time in downtown Lawrenceville. Jacob is watching a puppet show at our church.

Logan appeared to be the perfect child most of the time and probably made people wonder why in the world I look so tired if he is always this well behaved. He is wearing the 4th of July outfit that Jacob wore when he was 4 months old (and it fit fine!)

We had a great time and enjoyed our first big outing as a foursome. We even stayed for the fireworks and Logan slept through the whole thing!

Last week

Last week Laura came to visit. We have been dying to meet each other's babies! When Laura's first child was born, I was there in the waiting room and visited often after that. When the second one was born, I was there in the first couple of weeks. That was when I was footloose and fancy free with no kids of my own! This time we loved being pregnant at the same time. The only down side was there was no way my dr was going to let me go visit her when Morgan was born in the last weeks of my pregnancy. This past week we got to introduce the two.

Morgan is checking out her future boyfriend:)

A quick  nap.....

Notice there is not much of a size difference!

That is because Logan weighed in @ 3 weeks.....11 lbs & 9 oz! He gained 2 lbs in  2 weeks.