Tuesday, January 13, 2009

What we have and what we DON'T have.....

What we have......

These precious eyes...I can't get enough of them!

A boy happy to be sitting up and able to be on the floor playing

A boy who loves to help in the kitchen. He got a Paula Deen My First Cookbook for Christmas & has loved "cooking." The first recipe we sampled was porcupine balls and they were yummy!

He even loves helping with chores! He insisted on doing some of the dishes. What we also had after this was a flooding dishwasher due to a little too much soap leftover in the pans he rinsed:) Luckily we caught it early and all had a good laugh!
(I see in all of these pictures we also have a messy kitchen!)

Brotherly love! I love this picture. Jacob loves showing Logan new things and Logan eats up his attention. This was the first time they were really "playing" together on the floor and it wasn't baby toys but real BOY toys!

2 new teeth! I need to get a better picture but you can see his two new (lower) pearly whites

What we DON'T have.......

A puppy! This is our friend Eleanor's (OK, Austin's new puppy) & we loved playing with him but enjoyed leaving all the other puppy duties for them. Jacob knows one day when there are no more babies we will get a dog but NOT now!

A thumb sucking boy! I wish this was Logan's vice but it's not. He wants his pacifier. Jacob is a thumb sucker and I know our day will come when we wish he didn't but it sure is nice when they can find it themselves. Logan does put his thumb or finger in his mouth to help shovel his food in but other than that, it's his paci

Which leads me to the next "what we don't have"
Plenty of sleep!
He is doing fine going to sleep, & with naps but he is waking up a lot during the night. So we DON'T have a lot of sleep around here! He regressed after a double ear infection and teething but we know this too shall pass! One day I will wish he was still little and waking me up so for now, we will live on that morning coffee!

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The Wise Family said...

These pictures are all so sweet! Kathryn got the Paula D cookbook for Christmas too. We are taking dinner to the Garcias on Thursday and she picked out the Peanut Butter cookies to make for them -- we'll see how that goes! I think she's going to have a hard time giving them away :)