Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Baby Food

My friend Amy had told me that she was making her own baby food. I pretty much made fun of her...I didn't have that kind of time and I think I called her Martha Stewart or some other cute name.
About 3 days before Christmas I decided since I didn't have ANYTHING else to do, why not make my own baby food?
(seriously, sometimes I can't even believe myself. I am the queen of "don't start something, don't start something, 'oh, yes! let's start a major project 3 days before Christmas with a sick child, still Christmas presents to wrap' kind of thing"

Amy has been a great resource and also referred me to the above book & 
So far, Logan is loving his sweet potatoes, apples, avocado, pears, peas, green beans, plums, bananas, butternut squash & we are saving A LOT of $$$. I know it sounds so granola but I have enjoyed doing it. I have bought a few jars of baby food for going out but even taking it out is not bad. I did buy baby food for going out of town this weekend, I figure a road trip and all sleeping in one room for the weekend will be about all the fun I can handle!
Let me know if anyone is interested and I can give you a view pointers that I have had passed on to me. I have already converted Laura too!


Jenn said...

i made my own food for OTD too. It was fun and saved tons of money. It was a little easier in the summer with the fresh stuff, but i did frozen veggies too.

The O'Dells said...

We make our baby food too! We started that with Carter! We use a book called First Foods by Anna Karmel if you are looking for another resource! See you tomorrow!

The O'Dells said...

I goofed! The book is actually First Meals by Annabel Karmel! Oops!

The Wise Family said...

I have made baby food for Kathryn and Matthew both and love it. It looks like you have lots of great resources, but just in case you want another book -- Mommy Made is fabulous. I got it with Kathryn and it even has some great recipes for toddlers and the rest of the family. I can't believe I'll be getting geared up to start making it again in the next few months -- the time goes too quickly!

Elizabeth said...

Yay! I did this too and I swear it is so easy. And they only eat this way for a few short months, bless their little toothless hearts :-)