Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! I guess it is only appropriate that I just now saying Happy New Year since I JUST got the Christmas decorations down! That living in NOLA for so long and having everything up until the 12th night wore off on me:)
I am not much for New Year's resolutions but am going to try and catch up on the kids' journals and baby books and continue to organize things around the house (a never ending goal)

2008 was a BUSY, exciting, life changing year for our family and it is always fun to look back on the year and anticipate the coming year. As seen on my cousin Liann's blog, here is my "8" from '08.

#1 We came to Lawrenceville and Inman preached in view of a call on January 13th, 2008. The church voted to call Inman as senior pastor and we began making plans to move our family to Lawrenceville, Ga and began serving @ First Baptist Church of Lawrenceville effective March 2, 2008.

#2 We found out the next week that we had a healthy baby! BOY! After losing our 2nd baby we were so thankful to see a healthy heart, growing (bigger than average) baby on our 2o week ultrasound. Despite Daddy's predictions, we were going to be parents of another boy. We were so thrilled that everything looked good on the ultrasound. My mom and Jacob were there for the ultrasound and my sister flew in that night. Carrying on a tradition of her in-laws, we threw her a BLUE blanket when she walked through the gate.

#3 A big move! We moved from New Orleans which had very much become a home away from home for our family. We have great memories of our time in the city. We moved when I was 24 weeks pregnant and could not have done it without a lot of help! God had many times affirmed this move but there were many bittersweet feelings. We left behind good friends but were thankful to once again be closer to family, especially with another baby on the way!

#4 Since Jacob was having a birthday right around the move, he had a birthday with NOLA friends right before we left and another family party on his real birthday, March 1st. We could not believe we had a 3 year old! So thankful for this growing little boy!

#5 Spring Break
 We had one last trip as a family of 3. Jacob loved playing with his cousins and Momma didn't mind celebrating her birthday at the beach either!

#6 Logan Marshall Houston
We were so excited to welcome this big baby boy (9 pounds, 9 ounces) on June 11th, 2008. Big brother was pretty proud too! Now the real fun begins, getting used to 2 children. 

#7 Fall of '08
The fall brought a lot of new things and kept us busy. Jacob started back to school & has loved Ms Elina and Ms Holley's class. Momma got more in the swing of things after laying low over the summer with baby brother and recovery from surgery following Logan's birth. Inman was working very hard on the church's building campaign, Fulfilling the Dream. Momma decided keeping the 20 pounds after Jacob's birth was not going to happen again! Weight Watcher gets credit for helping to shed the extra weight of Logan (we are still working on the leftover Jacob weight:) And that is just SOME of what kept us busy!

#8 The Future
We are very excited about what God still has for us. The future is exciting for both our church and family. We are already praying about the future and the Lord has laid on our heart specific things to be praying about for our family. We look forward to the plans He has for us!

And that is the short version but a great year! Wouldn't it have been cute to have a picture for each caption? Yeah, maybe that should be a new year's resolution, not to let little stuff get on your nerves. Many love the Mac and I like mine but there is an "I Photo, Mac, not sure what to do about the problem with my pictures and retrieval of them" but I am going to go worry about something else for now!
Happy New Year!

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