Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Milk, milk, milk!

Through a string of blog stalking and I think a TOTAL God thing, I ran across Sarah who will be bringing home her little baby girl from Ethiopia soon! She posted a couple of weeks ago that the Hannah's Hope home & the surrounding orphanages  were in severe need of formula. I sent out a mass email to friends who may still have extra formula or be able to contribute. Enter my friend Heather from our seminary days. Her class was studying Africa and looking for a service project. (I told you a total God thing!) In just one week (because of needing to get the formula to Sarah so she could prepare to travel) they collected tons of formula. I got a few other donations and picked up the formula to take to Sarah. I enjoyed getting to meet Sarah and hearing about their journey so far. Please be praying for Sarah as well as several other families that will leave this week to pick up their children and bring them forever HOME! Check out their blogs & you can see pics of how word of mouth, a very generous class & yes, blog stalking led to providing much needed formula for these precious children.

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The O'Dells said...

It was so neat to partner with you in this kingdom work, my friend and so great to see you if but for a minute in a cold school parking lot:)