Saturday, January 10, 2009


I will give my occasional disclaimer of "sometimes my blog is a journal for myself that happens to be on the www but before you think to yourself, 'she thinks her kids are the cutest, smartest kids!' Remember it is MY blog and I can do just that:) Most of the people (grandparents, aunts etc) that read it think they are pretty cute and in these couple of cases, pretty funny too!

The other day we were in the car and Jacob asked which way we would be turning. I said, "we are turning right." He was in the backseat and I pointed to the right and said, "this is your right hand and we are turning to the right." He lifted his left hand and asked, "is this my wrong hand?"

I was nursing Logan and Jacob said, "Did a cow give you that milk or did God just put it there?"
While on the nursing front, Jacob will occasionally decide his tiger is hungry. (a stuffed tiger that has been his favorite over the last couple of months) Yes, the tiger eats off both sides and even burps.

We have talked a lot about how God is always with us. Even if we are alone, God is always with us & we really aren't alone. Jacob had asked again if God was always with us like in his room at night while he was in his bed. I answered, "yes, even if you feel alone, He is always with you, even if you can't see him." A few minutes later I was going to run down and get something downstairs & told Jacob to wait in his bed for me. Jacob said, "OK, I will be right here, me, God & Jesus waiting for you."

Several times recently Jacob has asked for a toy or movie that was a little more than he needed at this age. For the spider man movie asked for from Santa, I went ahead and laid the ground work that Santa MAY not bring that movie, it was a little scary for little boys. Jacob was recently watching a new children's movie he got for Christmas. I was sitting beside him on the sofa. He said, "Mom just keeping looking at your computer. This movie will have a scary part and I know you don't like scary parts."

A couple of weeks ago I was getting the kids out of the car and suddenly my purse's strap (that was only 2 months old) broke and was totally hanging there with things rolling out in the parking lot. I couldn't believe it had broken after such a short time. I commented it again when we got back in the car. Jacob said, "Mom let's talk about it anymore. I don't want it to make you sad."

Jacob likes to walk up our driveway and bring down our newspaper. He asked to go get it one Sunday. There was our normal large AJC Sunday paper plus a complimentary Gwinnett Daily paper, also pretty big. I said Jacob, "We got 2 today and they are big. I am not sure you can get both." He responded quickly with, "Mom I have 2 hands!"

When we went to start getting our Christmas decorations out. One of the first things I brought up was his fisher price nativity. I said, "Jacob you may not remember this but you have your own nativity." He has recalled only a couple of things from the previous Christmas. He said, "Mom I DO remember this and I had a wonderful time!"

Logan may not be SAYING anything impressive but he is sitting up and has cut 2 teeth so he has been pretty busy with his own thing:)


Amy McCarthy said...

Very cute. I love it. And, it is your blog and you are entitled to think your kids are the cutest and smartest kids ever. If someone else thinks her kids are cuter, she can start her own blog! said...

I LOVE it!!!!!!!

Betty Lou said...

April, I love the Jacobisms; their little minds and mouths are precious. "O be careful little ears what you hear..."