Tuesday, January 20, 2009

On a lighter note.....

What do you do on a COLD weekend in Asheville?

You let your kids run off energy every chance you get, in this case during the youth worship

You watch movies on the laptop (No TV @ ridgecrest)

After being inside for 2 days, you bundle your kids up & tell them, "You have 5 minutes" because Momma & Daddy can only stand it that long!

You enjoy time with friends, Heather & Carlos & the gang

You bundle up!

You spend a lot of time in your room! And enjoy breakfast in bed!

You have a great time but are glad to be home!


whittakerwoman said...

I need those pictures! I wanted to do a post about this weekend and had no pictures. H

Denise said...

April -

So glad you got to go to "camp"!

We have been going to First Baptist Tucker for the past couple of months, and Rebecca was so bummed that she did not get to go to camp especially cause she knew Inman was teaching!

We will come up to Lawrenceville and see you guys soon!

So glad you guys are doing well!

Take Care!

Denise Adams