Monday, June 2, 2008

Logan's room

Not sure what is going on with blogspot today but it has taken me a few times to get these pics actually up. As promised to a few out of towners, these are some shots of Logan's room. Still just a couple little things to add but I am excited there is something ready for him. I know he will never know the difference! Jacob was 13 months old before he had his own room so I really wanted to have most of a nursery done before Logan got here. The last pic is of Logan's bag ready for the hospital. He hasn't felt the need to activate that "to the hospital" plan yet but it is ready when needed.
Jacob is starting to ask more and more questions. Some I can't post on the internet and especially not the answers I had to give:)
But after we explained to him I would sleep a couple of nights at the hospital, he has started referring to my hospital nights as my "day off." "When you have Logan and are on your day off...."
We also asked this morning how many toys Logan had in my tummy, and who was changing his diapers in there. He has cracked us up with his view of all of this!

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Joy said...

The room is adorable. Good job!