Thursday, May 29, 2008

Waiting & false alarms...

No pictures today. Because if there was a picture, it would be of me, barefoot and pregnant with about 1 outfit left that still fits. And there is just not a thing pretty about that!
Yesterday we had about 18 hours of "labor," that turned out to be false labor. It all started late Tuesday night with 3 hours of contractions every 3-5 minutes apart all lasting 45 sec-about 1 minute. My dr had said to call for contractions over 45 seconds for one hour. I didn't call because I figured, "let's let everyone get a little rest, it is late, I was in early labor with Jacob for a long time. We have time." At daylight we called some family and started walking, finishing last minute details. These contractions were stronger than I had when I was in labor with Jacob. 
Long story short....they halted. Did you know you can have contractions every 2 minutes lasting longer than a minute and it can be FALSE???? So we wait, which is fine. Logan is only 37 weeks so he can cook longer. His story the whole pregnancy has been different from Jacob's. He has kept me on my toes since the beginning so there is also no change there. He is calling the shots already!

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