Monday, June 9, 2008

Word travels fast...

Word travels fast around here and especially when you are 38 + weeks and have looked like you are about to pop!
Pop, I did not but yes, we did go to the hospital this am. I had been having contractions and some "other symptoms"  (there is a limit to what i will say on the blog:) so my dr said head to L&D.
I am 4 cm (I will say that, since everyone is asking anyway...) but my contractions slowed down and didn't pick up much while we were there. So we are back @ home! The induction is still scheduled for Wed am unless Logan has other plans. The ??? of the day has been why not just induce today??? I think the hospital was getting busy. There were 2 ladies come in right after me and a C-section too. Also, I think my dr wanted Logan to get to 39 weeks if he would on his own rather than induce a little early. I am fine with that, we will meet the little guy soon!

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