Thursday, June 19, 2008

Father's Day and update

Needless to say, our father's day was very laid back. I think Inman was happy with his latest gift and that was enough!
Jacob and Daddy enjoyed some time outside together and having a free Sunday evening.

Jacob is adjusting well. He says several times a day, "I am so happy my brother is here." He has had a lot of extra attention. My mom has been coming up during the day to occupy him. He has received a lot of big brother presents and spent the day playing with his cousin, Nathan yesterday. Of course, he is 3 and sometimes is shows but all in all he has done well. I thought we would have a little time to adjust before we had to fight germs but Jacob has a stuffy nose and we are bathing in purell!

Inman and I are both very thankful for great dads. They have both been wonderful examples on how to be a good daddy.
Being a father of 2 came just in time for us to celebrate in a special way this year. Inman is such a good daddy and I am grateful to be married to someone that being a daddy comes so naturally!

I will try to do better on the updates....I had big plans to update and it has been a week since Logan was born! He is doing great. He had his first check up and is gaining weight. (did he look like he would miss many meals?) His favorite place is being held but hey, who needs clean clothes and a shower?:)

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Betty Lou said...

That's a lot of Houston men in that photo. I'm sure George (and Inman) will forever treasure it. I guess I'm not s'posed to say how sweet since it's all male, but it is sweet!