Friday, June 27, 2008

excuses, excuses....

My excuses for not posting could be....I have a new baby.....we have had a little computer glitch at our house, which had my husband spend most of his off day backing up my computer and most importantly, our pictures......we got a new camera and I wanted to wait and get some new pics and post those....I had to have unexpected surgery on Monday and have been starting my recovery over again......did I say I have a new baby and he really likes to be held?!

My goal is to post new pictures tonight. Part of my computer issues have been that we are putting all of the new pics on Inman's computer and when I sit down in the afternoon and eat bon bons and scan the internet and blog, his computer is at work:)

It is hard to believe Logan is already 2 weeks old. Jacob is loving his role as big brother. He is definitely testing his limits and who is in charge since there have been more adults around but all in all, he is doing well. He has not once told me to "put the baby down" or acted jealous of Logan. Well, actually this am he told me Logan was done eating and he was ready for his breakfast! That was the first time and I would say for 2 weeks, that is not too bad!
Hoping to meet my goal and post tonight!

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