Friday, May 23, 2008

Baby Update and Misc

I have been trying to do things that may be a little harder to do with an infant in tow. Also, I have tried to take breaks from getting the nursery ready and other things to make sure Jacob isn't completely overwhelmed by all things BABY! We headed to the library for Clifford Day. Jacob was a little unsure of Clifford but had a great time. (The libraries here are awesome!)

My sister, Stephanie, me-great with child and Mom last weekend at my baby shower given by a dear friend, Jan. Can you believe I babysat for her kids? What shows my gray hair even more is that one is married with a child, one is married and one is graduating from college this month!

Baby update: We went to see the dr on Tuesday and had an ultrasound only to find out what I could have told you. He is HUGE! At 36 weeks, Logan's weight is approx 7 pounds 11 oz. If he goes to 38 weeks like Jacob did, he would be around 8-11 (dr's guess). I won't get into other details on the internet but I will say the dr strongly suggested Inman not leave town this weekend as planned. So we are "nesting" and getting ready for Logan.

Good clean fun!

Inman gets pied Wed night at the end of school bash. The kids got a kick out of throwing pies at the pastor and youth minister. Jacob was a loyal son and even with my encouragement would not get Inman right in the face. I was kind and just got him on the forehead. I figured I needed to be on his good side. I am going to need him in the days coming up!

Jacob got a kick out of Daddy in the inflatable!

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Christa Puckett said...

April, I totally feel your pain the kids I used to babysit for are in College and Begining to have families of their own. SOOO weird!! It makes me see more and more gray in my hair that i have to color. It could be all those students i work with and love on too. Man, they grow up to fast, our own included!! Taylor just finished kindergarten and Tyler will be in 4th grade!! 2 more years and we will have him in the youth group. By then my whole head will be gray!!!!! LOL Miss yall. And congrats on #2!@!