Friday, May 16, 2008

Big Brother to be

Jacob went to his new sibling class on Tuesday night. The teacher did a great job introducing the kids to how their worlds were about to change. Above, Jacob is trying to diaper his tiger. He was a little overwhelmed by the fact that all of the girls could slap those diapers right on!

We went upstairs to see the real babies in the nursery. Jacob was careful to remind me and who ever else that we needed to whisper and kept, "SHHHHHHH," all the way down the hall.

Jacob peaks in the window of the nursery. Afterwards we celebrated and stopped for ice cream. Becoming a big brother is something to celebrate after all!

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The Wise Family said...

How cute!! I've told Kathryn she's going to do a class like that this summer, but was not sure about Matthew. Did Jacob do ok? I'm sure he will be a proud big brother when the baby is born!!