Saturday, May 17, 2008

A Fun Week

I actually wrote this post last week & thought I lost it. Rather than re-write it, I gave up for the time being. My computer whiz friend, Laura :) helped me retrieve it. I will update on this week soon!
We went to pick strawberries this week. We meant to go a little earlier in the season but several things came up and pushed our trip back. A couple of times that I was swatting down by the strawberry vines, I thought to myself "Yeah a couple of weeks ago this may have been easier!"

We were glad Mema was able to come with us. Jacob was very concerned about following the rules. We had told him to pick only red ones. We didn't have to worry about that because from there on out, he asked about EVERY strawberry before he picked it! He also reminded us about every 30 seconds not to overfill our buckets like the sign said.

Thursday was also the last day at school. This is Jacob's teacher, Ms Corrine. He has a great couple of months at his new school and we are so thankful that the transition went so well. His teachers and staff did a great job making him feel right at home!


Laura said...

yeah! I'm glad you found the post.

whittakerwoman said...

Where was that? H

Sandy said...

Really enjoy your blog and especially the pics of Jacob. What a beautiful strawberry field and who'd have known you were past the season. Also interested in knowing where it is?