Sunday, September 30, 2007

We are back!!!!

Picking up from the last post....We made it back and Jacob (and I) did fine.
Jacob loved being with grandparents, who wouldn't? Ice cream cone anyone? Jacob asked every few minutes where we were but I tried to convince my mom that I start my day with, "My daddy is at work today?" and "when will Daddy be home?" Inman says that when I am gone that Jacob asks several times an hour where I am....all while having fun but just wanting to keep tabs on everyone's where abouts. I KNOW that he had fun because after being back a few minutes Jacob wanted to be with Mema alone and told me to "go into the den but not on a trip," at Dadoh and Nana Jeanne's house the next day.
We had a great time away. Grown up time and having a NOLA break (good for the mental health) but I was personally ready to be with Jacob again after 2 nights. (We were there for 3)

We spent last week with family in Atl. Jacob has all of his grandparents and 5 great grandparents! It always goes too fast but we are looking forward to the upcoming holidays too.

I have no pictures to post tonight because I am still getting our house back together and the camera cord is yet to show up. Inman took a chance to poke fun at me because I always misplace that thing! I promise to post some this week......

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