Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Inman's birthday

Jacob had a great time "helping" make Inman's b-day cake.
He loved sprinkling the chocolate on the top.
Inman's favorite part of the day was the Georgia Tech score
Jacob was actually able to sing some of Happy Birthday, still a 2 person chorus was weak!

This was the view from our front porch about mid-day. It rained really hard and the drains could not keep up. Luckily, we were not flooded for long. A good day for staying in and kicking off college football season. A perfect day for Inman!


Lenee said...

Funny, I took a picture of the GT/ND score as well. Who would have guessed!

Since Inman and my Mom share the same birthday - she said after the game - "I should call Inman and tell him that God gave us a special gift today!" Only Inman and my Mom could make GT football a spiritual event!

Keep those birthdays coming, big guy!

Oh, and weird about the street flooding - glad it didn't stay around too long.


Kay said...

I made a pan cookie on Saturday and we ate it in Inmans honor in Athens. The dogs looked good too. Hope you have a great year - Kay and Mike