Thursday, September 20, 2007

"It's good for him...."

"It's good for him." Inman has said that several times, many times the last couple of days as we prepare for this weekend.
We are finishing up a whirlwind week and are leaving today to head to Atl. We are leaving Jacob in the care of eager grandparents and heading to Ohio. No, not the bahamas but some time together, grown ups, talking about grown up things. Hey! Talking, getting to see each other besides passing like ships in the night, handing off the baton, I mean Jacob. Inman has several speaking engagements on behalf of Baptist Crossroads
We knew this would be a great opportunity for us. So, I agreed to 2 nights and it turned into 3. I was doing fine and check the weather a possible tropical storm or more headed our way! My imagined first evacuation of NOLA post-K did not involve me being across the country, my child being in another city & needing to pack up my house in N.O! I have prayed through all the "anxiety" verses and am putting one foot in front of the other. I am alternating between complete denial of a storm and totally freaking out and making Inman promise me if a major storm develops that I could return and pack up what survived before that I vowed I would protect with my, wedding pictures etc.
So, "It is good for him." Our child that is, if his parents have some grown up time together. That is what THEY all say. Spending time together, you come back stronger for your kid, right? Yeah, unless there is a hurricane and your mother has to be put in a mental hospital:)

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Lenee said...

Hang in there, champ.