Monday, September 17, 2007

A New Friend

Maybe he is here?

Or maybe in the tent?

In the chair?

Sleeping in Jacob's bed?

Sometime he eats breakfast with Jacob and of course, reads the football highlights.

Our new friend, Ki (not sure how to spell but rhymes with Sigh). K lives in our house, unless he stays at church which he did the other day. He is small, according to Jacob. He does eat, brush his teeth (in fact he shares a toothbrush with Jacob), he likes to go to church and mother's morning out. Sometimes he does cry for his momma. He sleeps in Jacob's bed and sometimes Jacob holds him in his lap. Sometimes he wakes Jacob up and wants to play. A lot of times he is in the other room when we are all in the den but Jacob always knows where he is. I asked the preschool director if there is anyone named Kai, Ki, Kei anything sounding like Sigh but with a K. No, no one by that name. What an imagination!


Deborah said...

Jacob definitely takes after his daddy! I will never forget the day we left "the man" at church. "The man" went everywhere with us! There is nothing like the imagination of a child.
I love reading your entries and seeing the pictures. It makes me feel like we are not so far away.
Can't wait to see all of you in Atlanta.

SuSu said...

We heard Jacob talk over his Nanna's phone last week-end. So cute and quite clear. And he repeats well after his daddy. He has a warm spot in lots of hearts, and I guess Ki will, too, if he looks and acts enough like his special real friend.