Saturday, July 11, 2009

Lots of fun, lots of chaos, lots to post...

We have had a lot fun this last week. We had over 40 people come to town to celebrate my Granddaddy's 80th b-day last weekend. Two of my cousins drove their kids 3 days (sans their husbands) to make the trip. They were able to stay for over a week. If you drove all those kids across the U.S, wouldn't you need a few days to recover?! My cousin Liann & her 4 kids stayed at our house. We got a taste of what having 6 kids in a house would be like! We really did have a lot of fun, some chaos but a lot of fun! I have SO many pictures to post & will do that over the next couple of days. This one is the kids that were at the laser show, not much has changed since we all went together in the 80's & 90's...quite a blast from the past & so fun to see our kids watching it together like we used to!

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Lenee said...

I almost didn't recognize Jacob in his "street wear" vs. his super hero wear! ha!

Yep, some things never change - good 'ole laser show!