Wednesday, July 15, 2009

4th of July

Silly Momma, thinking she could get a picture of her 2 boys on 4th of July!

I just waited & caught an action shot, they were grilling together

Let the festivities begin.....this will start the family reunion/Granddaddy's 80th birthday recap:

Before going to the Gwinnett Braves game on the 4th of July, we met for a BBQ. Becky & Marshall worked very hard to pull off this great start to our weekend & time together.

Steph was the only one in the family who started off her 4th of July running the off:)

Baby Koyo was the youngest family member & is already quite the world traveler. Atlanta is nothing, he has already been to Japan & will move across the country next month for Daddy (Gordon) to start med school.

The crew

4 Hot Houstons...and I do mean H.O.T! Thankfully the sun started to set (eventually) & we cooled down

Not a great pic but the Braves wished Granddaddy a happy 80th b-day & welcomed the Freeman family, very cool!

Drew is excited about the 4th festivities

Jacob appears to be loving the fireworks. He did love them most of the time except for the time he burst into tears because they were too loud but the rest of the time he LOVED them!:)
More to come...with our family you have to know there were so many pictures taken!

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