Thursday, July 23, 2009

What else have we been doing?

Now that the b-day reunion pics are posted (Ok, really just a small sampling but I figured we had covered the event pretty well), I can move onto what else have we been doing this summer?
Swimming lessons for one.
Jacob had a great time (except for day 2....)

Just in case you ever find yourself drowning in Jacob's presence he is completing qualified, trained & certified to save your life! See he will get on his belly & hand you a noodle:)

The last day they got to swim in the lazy river & water park area (great pools in Gwinnett County, love those tax $$ at work!)
When they were floating around the whirlpool area with their noodles on, they looked like little ducks!
Coach Joe (Jacob loved that he could finally call someone "coach"
Ms Caroline
Both of his teachers were so good with the kids (look at them though, they look like babies themselves!)

Jacob did great. About day 2....he had done great on day one. You could tell he was nervous but he did fine, no tears, did everything they told him to. Day 2: I hear crying. I looked but didn't think it was him. He was turned & it was hard to tell. Oh my! He is crying & hard! At first I thought maybe he was freaked out by several kids crying the day before. Then I thought, I know he exhausted from all the events & visiting. Then it came clear, he was just scared. We talked when he got in the car & he was just pitiful. He was scared, didn't like the water getting in his eyes, and nose. He was afraid they were going to let go of him etc. Jacob does best when he knows what to expect. Sometimes it may seem like I am being insensitive but I just have to tell him how it is. (Recent example after a pretty nasty toe injury..."Jacob your toenail is going to fall off & soon." When I knew the beloved blankie was about to become 2 blankies..."Jacob the blanket is going to fall apart into 2 pieces really soon & eventually I will piece it back together.") So I tried the same approach. The next morning we had our locker room peptalk minus the locker room. "Jacob, it is Ok to be scared & even cry a little but these are the things you need to remember... (he also does best with lists:)
1.) God is always with you wherever you may go (line from choir song, we use this reminder all the time) even in the pool
2.) I am watching you from the side. My eyes will not leave you & I will not let anything happen to you
3.) Coach Joe & Ms Caroline went to lots of school to be great teachers. They can swim better than Momma & Daddy.
4.) You have done everything they are asking you to do, jump in off the side, blow bubbles, kick your feet etc
That's all he needed. Not another tear. He did ask me every morning but one after that, "what are the things to remember this morning?"

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Sarah said...

so sweet!! Matthew was the same way about calling someone coach -- though it was really kathryn's swim team coach. he now pretends to play baseball games in the backyard and tells me his coach wants him to!