Monday, July 20, 2009

Granddaddy's 80th b-day party

Still catching up the "80th b-day/family reunion" posts. My goal is to completing finish posting on the great time we had  in the next couple of days. Next week I will be posting my first blog book tour for Random house books which will include my FIRST give away ever! I am looking forward to reviewing a book & giving away a copy of the book too! So check back:)

Ok, on to the recap: 
This was Sunday the day of Granddaddy's 80th b-day party.
This is part of the group that was at church with him that morning.

Grandmomma & Granddaddy

We met a little before the party officially began and took TONS of pictures. We had Carrie Tabb ( come to capture this special time so we could focus on visiting & get plenty of group pictures without anyone missing in the shots. We did Grandparents with grandchildren, Grandparents with Grandchildren & spouses, Grandparents & great get the picture! Lots of pictures! Carrie did a great job & I hope to post some of her pics soon too.

Aunt Steph flew in from Colorado for the weekend. Troy has been on assignment at Young Life's Frontier Ranch this summer. The boys were so glad to see her (me too:)

Let me stop here. My grandparents are the cutest things! Granddaddy turned to Carrie & said get one more....and planted a big one on Grandmomma! Not only do we think that Granddaddy is the BEST Granddaddy, (I think I mentioned that in the Father's day post) but there was a time that we were told there wouldn't be an 80th b-day much less any other birthdays. It is a pretty emotional story. I was just starting my 2nd trimester of pregnancy & Granddaddy had a heart attack with several complications. It was a very rocky few weeks but there was a particular night that we were told he would not make it until the morning. I will never forget saying goodbye to him. I cried & cried over the fact that he would never meet any of my children. I can not tell you what it does to my heart to see him play with them now. 
OK, I have to move on....can't see through my tears to type!

One of Granddaddy's favorites is the varsity. It was a surprise until they rounded the corner & Jacob said, "Look! The varsity!" Grandmomma asked when he learned to read. He doesn't know how to read but does recognize logos:)

Some of the crew....

3 cakes for the occasion.....

At the end of the night everyone was exhausted but we had a great time! The rain even held off for the most part, the kids had a great time playing, we ate & ate & ate, took lots of pictures & most importantly, I think Granddaddy had a great day!

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