Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Logan's party

Happy Birthday Logan!

My big plan was to update the blog with Logan's party pics & other fun summer things while Inman & I were out of town last week. The slow hotel internet connection had another plan though & despite all my warnings of many b-day pictures to come, I am late!

I needed to go ahead and do it thought because we are about to have a house full of company. We have lots of company coming in town for my Granddaddy's 80th b-day celebration. My cousin & her 4 kids will be staying at our house for a week! We are very excited! Last time I saw this cousin, Jacob was not quite 6 months old & she was pregnant with her 3rd. We have a lot of catching up to do! Plus there are lots of other family members that will be in town & we have a lot of fun things planned. We better double up on our wheaties the next couple of mornings!

Mema & Papa with the b-day boy

We snapped a picture before everyone got here since it seems I look up after a holiday or party & have a lot of pictures of everyone else & the kids but maybe I wasn't there that year?!

Nana Jean & Logan

Logan was not into opening gifts at all this year, big surprise huh? Here he is with his stool that Papa made him. Big brother has one just like it. 

I stole an idea from my friend Alyson. We had a book party. The invitation was a little rhythm that basically said "we have TOO many toys, bring a book." Not quite like that but we figured we would do it this year while we could get away with it! I took a lot of ideas from my friend including books as party favors, & books that had the food served in them (If you give a mouse a cookie, Bread & Jam for Frances, Curious George & the ice cream party etc)

Logan in his #1 b-day shirt

In case you need one more look at those eyes!

He sat for about 15 seconds for that picture & hasn't sat still since:)

Cake time! We knew he would have no problem with this part! Once again batman on the scene...

I think the cake was a hit! 
We had a great time on Logan's big day! Thanks so much for those that helped us celebrate!


Sarah said...

What a cute idea! Will you just come do Connor's first birthday for me in September :)??

Laura McGee said...

I love the idea of a book party! Those pictures are adorable!

Sandy Sullivan said...

Your boys are so adorable and I so enjoy reading your blog...just don't always comment. Logan obviously loves to eat and what a photo op of his birthday cake. Anxiously awaiting our grandson and it's seemed strange shopping for little boy stuff after buying girl stuff for 10 years.