Tuesday, November 4, 2008


This afternoon many of us may be trying to balance a lot at one time. Trying to vote, get our kids to where they need to go, down for naps, work, fight traffic, the normal stress of everyday life. The organization of my day has involved trying to vote, will my kids nap at the same time so I can get some stuff done? can I get dinner cooked, go to the grocery store, Inman run home to see the kids yet still minister to a church member this evening while also being gone almost every evening this week? The normal stress of everyday life. That's our life but not one bit stressful. For the Sweeney family their new daily stress is about a fight for his life. Please be praying for this family & check out their caring bridge site. Mike Sweeney has touched many lives through his ministry with Young Life. Please join us in praying http://caringbridge.org/visit/mikesweeney

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Amy McCarthy said...

What a small world. My friend Nicki Hunt has a caringbridge site for her twins (who were born in April at 25 weeks gestation). One of her recent posts asked friends and family to pray for Steve Sweeney. The Hunts met the Sweeneys when they moved to Rome and bought the Hunt's house. I just visited their caringbridge site and will be praying for this neat couple. Being a melanoma survivor myself, I have a special compassion for his situation.