Sunday, November 9, 2008

God is with us everywhere we go

Sometimes when you write on your blog you aren't writing for everyone else. You are writing because you want to journal for your kids. Sometimes you are blogging because you haven't written (with a pen) in their journals in a LONG time. This is one of those times because otherwise you would think that I had a problem and bragged about my children, thought they were the cutest things in the world and used my blog to show everyone else how wonderful they are. You may think that and that is fine, I have heard other bloggers say, "well after all it is MY blog!" 
Last night we were reading Jacob's little devotional before bed. It always ask a question at the end. Usually if it is easy, he gets it. "who loves you?" "God" He is already very good @ the "Sunday school answers." But if it is one that is harder he gets distracted, starts telling a story or answers a completely different question. The devotion last night was how God could be called many different names, our protector etc. At the end I asked Jacob "what do you think of when you think of God?" His answer was "God is always with me everywhere I go." Yea! He is learning a song in choir that the line repeated over and over is God is always with me everywhere I go and it has stuck!

Praying these little guys always remember that God is always with us everywhere we go. Great lesson for us adults too!


The Wise Family said...

Oh my gosh April, Logan has got to be the cutest thing ever!! Sweet entry :)

Laura said...

Love the last picture! They look precious in the outfits!

Elizabeth said...

You just keep on posting about your sweet babies! That's what we're reading for, cause we love you and your family :-)