Wednesday, November 12, 2008

5 months, a day late

Logan was 5 months old yesterday! It was a busy day so there was no post but I did think to myself several times how once again I could not believe he was already 5 months old! I thought about getting the camera and taking a picture last night....of "real life." I always post these pictures of everyone smiling and things looking so under control:) minus an occasional stack of laundry in the background. Last night Logan cried the entire time I was getting Jacob into the bathtub, everything laid out for today basically the last hour he was awake. Jacob was being the ever so helpful big brother and getting RIGHT in Logan's face, talking too loud and real everything he did was LOUD. As I am sure a lot of houses are, the time between dinner and bedtime (especially done by a solo parent) can be crazy. That would have been a great 5 month picture! (If your houses are chaotic between dinner and bedtime, don't tell me about it!)

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