Monday, November 17, 2008

Not blogging

For the oddles of you that read this blog: (You use words like Oddles when you live with a 3 yr do you spell that anyway?)

I am not blogging for the next 2 days. What I hear right now is music to my ears. Chaotic music but wonderful music. The music of the Houston boys and the Platt boys playing together. And I will spend the next 24 hours in therapy. Therapy is getting to chat with Heather until my throat hurts because we laughed, talked and cried. Our other friend Leslie is driving over this morning so 3 pastor's wives getting to be together for a few hours is the equal to high dollar therapy! Yep, I am on vacation. When you see the pics in a few days of 4 very busy boys (5 months, 11 months, 2 & 3) you will think what kind of vacation is that. Just the kind I needed!


Denise said...

April - I am so glad that you get to spend some good quality time with Heather and the boys! That is the best kind of therapy as far as I am concerned!

Take care,

Denise Adams

Jenn said...

i'm sure you will have fun. I miss my GBCN vacations!! have fun