Wednesday, October 1, 2008

You know you live in Atl.............

You know you live in Atl (or the southeast)......
1) if you start looking for gas, lurking if you will, following gas trucks, when you have 3/4 tank because that is practically emergency low
2) if you pull up to a gas station that says 3.99 unleaded and there is no one there and you feel like you  have won the lottery
3) if you stop at that gas station despite the fact that one kid is whining and one is screaming bloody murder, a situation when you would have never stopped to fill up say  a month ago
4) if you pull into the gas station thinking "this can't be they must have forgotten to take down the price when they ran out"
5) if you get out of the car very sure there will be a sign taped to the pump stating that of course there is no gas
6) if you don't see a sign but slide your card and know the inside attendant will soon announce that there is no gas
7) if you slide your card, turn to open your gas cap and hear a beep and you are surprised they are only asking for your zip and not beeping to tell you, no more gas
8) if you start pumping your gas & you want to high five the guy that pulls up next to you to tell him, "the Lord has provided, there is gas!"
9) if while you are pumping gas you want to shout to everyone passing, "it's not a trick, there is gas and NO lines. What will we do with the free hour we get today?"
10) if the whole time you are pumping gas and watching, $2.32, $3.52, $ are thinking "too good to be true, they are going to run out." You are also looking over your shoulder waiting for candid camera to pop out and find out the joke is on you, there is no gas.
You pull away and think to yourself, "If I accomplish NOTHING else today, I have a full tank of gas."


Mandy said...


I know your pain!!


Amy McCarthy said...

I had that EXACT same experience today. I didn't believe there was actually gas coming out of the pump until I got back in the car and saw the needle go to "full." I thought that maybe the numbers just tick off even if nothing is coming out.... AND, a couple of days ago, it took me 15 minutes to pump 5 gallons (after waiting 15 minutes in line), and today the gas was flowin' like normal.