Thursday, October 23, 2008

2nd child

This is the second child who sometimes has to wait for child #1 to be taken care of. A lot of times it is the loudest one who gets the attention. Tonight he had to wait for me to get Jacob settled before he had his turn. Earlier in the week, Logan woke up early and wanted so bad to go back to sleep but it was just minutes before we had to leave to take Jacob to school. So here he is: in the carseat, tucked in, placed by the door, lights dimmed, dishwasher humming, go ahead start your nap. All these thoughts started when I was (finally) updating the boys' baby books and Jacob's journal tonight. I looked back at the calendar from last fall to make sure I didn't leave anything out. October 23rd last year was the first day we heard little Logan's heartbeat at Dr Von Almen's office. Ahhhh, he may not have a journal even started but we are so thankful for this boy!

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