Sunday, October 5, 2008

I will surely be out numbered!

We are VERY into football right now. Daddy has been the last couple of evenings (yay!) and the weather has been great. Jacob has had "football practice" every evening. He gets suited up pads and all. He must be wearing a football jersey. I get to be the water girl and Jacob has a blast!

Logan is starting young and taking in some college football.

Jacob's highlight for the weekend was going to his first GA tech game. This was right before they headed to the game. The trip was made complete by a stop at the varsity (he loved his first frosted orange) and they rode the train to the game.

Yeah, I am going to be out numbered. Maybe we will eventually get a girl dog:)

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The Wise Family said...

So cute!! Matthew is going to his first game in a couple of weeks -- he is so excited :)