Saturday, August 9, 2008

Platt time

I have needed some "Platt time." I needed to sit with my dear friend Heather and just chat. I needed to do what we, laugh, cry. Even though we are thankful to be 2-3 hours apart now, getting to each other with 4 boys involved & 2 church schedules takes some planning. I was so excited to get some time with Heather and the boys this week!

Apparently, Jacob is taking on the need of "Platt time." He is already planning our next outing! He remembers last year when we went to the pumpkin patch with Caleb. He told me yesterday when it is Easter time he wants to go back to the pumpkin patch with Caleb and pick out pumpkins and ride the tractor again. After a brief review of the holidays, I had to agree...a great idea!

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Betty Lou said...

April, Thank you for sharing Jacob's wonderment. It's always a joy to read his latest jewel. It looks like your boys are developing lifelong friendships too. It was a special treat to see Julie's 2 grandsons.