Friday, August 22, 2008

10 weeks old

We totally let 2 months pass without having a post about it so here we are....Logan is 10 weeks old! We hurried and put him in the outfit Jacob wore for his baby dedication. There is no way it will fit Logan next month when he is dedicated at church. Jacob was 4 months old when he wore this outfit. A friend from church had him these shoes made "Logan, June 11, 2008." Note one has been kicked off.

I have had a lot of comments over the last week or two that Logan is starting to look like me. After seeing this picture, I saw a little bit too. I am curious what my mom says when she sees this picture. This picture is the closest I have ever seen.

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Amy said...

Hey Houston Family. I have to agree, Logan is definitely starting to look like you. I was thinking that as I saw the picture before I read your thoughts. Thanks for keeping us updated through this!