Thursday, October 11, 2007

Houston, we have.......

Pee! Jacob's first time (finally) peeing in the potty had to be recorded!

Ok, I know kids everywhere are doing this but Jacob has been a little resistent. I have tried to keep this low key so it doesn't turn into a battle of the wills (his & mine!) but he has had little to no interest. He has all the "signs" that he was ready but when going to the potty was suggested he would say, "No, I will go in my diaper" or "I not try today."

We had recently started encouraging with M & Ms. This kid loves candy but still no takers. Until today, and 3 M & Ms were the big reward! I felt like pouring the whole bag in his mouth. I couldn't though because I was cleaning up urine all the other places it ended up besides the potty:)


Deborah said...

Way to go Jacob! We are so proud of you. Both Matthew and Nathan were three to the day before becoming interested in the potty. I can honestly say that once they got it, we didn't have accidents or nighttime bed wetting. No need to rush...they all get it in time. Candy worked for us too. Paul even got rewarded when he went to the bathroom.
Thanks for posting and keep it up....We love reading!

Lenee said...

I'll never think of M&M's the same way again. Will probably have a sub-conscience urge for them while peeing myself! Ha,the things you can talk about if you're a parent. Hey, wait a minute - I'm not a parent . . . but I have one - that I'm proud will pee as well. Ah, how this crazy world turns.

High five, Jacob!

Heather said...

I love that I found your blog and second I love that the first picture was pee. I love it. I am excited to be able to see you sometime in the near future. It is really weird that I live here. I hope you are doing good. I look forward to blog stalking you. H